e-commerce era, how to use a lot of knowledge of the original industry to promote the search engine to enhance the rating of the site, which is a great learning. Many B2B industry portals very great importance to the industry information, forum, blog, etc., know the space community, which for the site of the original articles, user stickiness, brand visibility and influence, to create a search engine on the website of the rating will have a lot of impact.

use a large number of community gathered original industry knowledge

"In addition to the official

news editor to release, other industry knowledge, I suggest through interactive mode to solve, including community, Wikipedia, know, space, photo album, download, recruitment and other comprehensive community products to solve the needs of users." Plastic enterprises e-commerce incubator center experts said Tian yi.

because the community user contributed content, most belong to the original content, but also with the industry Xixi, the search engine is the very love.

according to the survey, with the community function of the site, because the update faster, included more. Community users can be released at any time, regardless of the evening, or holidays, the community may produce high quality content.

and the general industry website, if there is no community function, update a lot slower. For example, if the site only business section, enterprise information is required after the audit can be released, no matter what time you release, without editing of the audit, is not possible to show. At the same time, the information section is also edited to work to release.


community website information will be released faster and more, as long as the release is and industry related technology, marketing and management articles, and related business columns will also show up in time, and more search engine welcome.

at the same time because the community model will mobilize a lot of people to create low-cost original content, which has unparalleled advantages. Because if you rely on the website editor to extract information, most of them are reproduced more, if you want the most original, need to hire a large number of professional writers, so that the operating costs are too high, and the reward is not proportional.

search brings a lot of industry new users

when a large number of original industry knowledge into the search engine, information updates faster, when the site information reaches a certain amount, the search engine will search tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of pieces of information, the weight is very high, a lot of keywords naturally ranking. This not only reduces the manpower, the promotion of funds, but also long-term health to the site to bring quality, continuous flow.

and when the site every day to reach thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of traffic, in fact, websites and search engines have reached a win-win goal, the search engine to provide quality content for their search users, B2B industry websites through search engines to get a lot of.

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