news March 18th, the day before, the temple library brand director Zhu Xiaoxuan revealed that the temple library development plan 2015 to billion state power network, and intelligent cross-border and said that this year will be the strategic focus of the temple library.

in the field of cross-border, temple Library in addition to the focus of development of overseas direct mail business, and actively expand the overseas products, the temple library will also rely on their own advantages in the overseas branch, a club in New York, South Korea, Milan, London and other places layout line.

it is understood that the temple Library in early 2013 in Hongkong, Italy, Japan and other places to set up a branch, clubs and members of the service center, began the layout of cross-border electricity supplier three years ago, set up the sales network through the global supply chain system, to realize the localization of overseas outbound shopping service.

in addition, Zhu Xiaoxuan also stressed that to billion state power network, the temple library is not simply a luxury electric providers, but for the high-end consumer service platform. The club opened in the domestic selling luxury goods is the first step in the development of online and offline combination is the second step, set up a branch in the overseas, the entity set up shop, founding member center, to provide consumers with the globalization service is to do now.

in the field of intelligence, the temple library said it would guide customers through big data to luxury shopping and life. And for the purchase of business overseas, temple library upcoming overseas purchase stuff function, this function can process the whole monitoring of consumers to buy the product experience in global logistics.

overseas package logistics throughout the monitoring of the threshold is very high, mainly investment funds. However, because luxury goods have the characteristics of high unit price, so they can afford high logistics monitoring services." Zhu Xiaoxuan added.

it is understood that the temple library was founded in 2008 China, is a high-end fashion and luxury goods consumer service platform, business involves luxury online sales, offline entity clubs, luxury identification, maintenance and other services. Was completed in July 2014, the total size of more than $100 million in a new round of financing for China’s luxury and high-end fashion electricity supplier to obtain the largest field of financing.

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