now our domestic Internet forms an excellent, innovative Internet Co, many companies are rushing to earn. As the traditional enterprise, how should we work, in an increasingly competitive Internet era, breakthrough, break their traditional sales and marketing advantage, can make products to customers to expand their sales performance, to a new level? We may have some business owners also will see or hear colleagues and the practice of other industries, also want to follow the one or two, but when he came back to the end, most are failed, many times is lost. I talked to the traditional industry companies are more, processing machinery, consumer, there are companies in the service industry, enterprises, has now started to have the network marketing consciousness, but do not know how to do.

below, the author will combine their actual operation experience, is the basis for our small and medium-sized enterprise network marketing, expand customer base, even if it is a publicity company, through 5 basic strategies, make their views and suggestions.

first, the foundation is solid. I bluntly tells us that traditional enterprise, you want to do network marketing, your network of packaging is in place? Has a good user experience and experience of Web site search engine is, don’t tell me you have a garish, 10 page simple enterprise type website called to do e-commerce that is, ten years before the mode of culture loaded to flicker. We need a good user experience, the atmosphere of the corporate website and a full set of corporate image planning and packaging platform. If not, you need to have.

second, diversified packaging model. Whether micro-blog is useful, WeChat is worth recommending, or two-dimensional code looks like a gimmick. To a certain extent, supporting our network platform, enterprises and media advertising brochures with, or have a certain effect. Currently I am engaged in the service industries, through the WeChat marketing, a month can increase the 50+ of the new consumption customers, but compared to other channels of publicity, this model is new, also have the effect, lower cost, more times. If you don’t have micro-blog, WeChat, QR code, WAP station, what are you waiting for?

third, is the team recommended. This should have been put in the first place, it does not matter, because these points are very important. Whether your business is big or small, there is a solid, stable network marketing team is necessary, whether you are 3 or 5 people, or even a person. According to their actual situation, not to say that the company now has a computer network can repair, we need to have a diverse culture and technology, don’t think for a network marketing on wages is a chief level wages, don’t see him every day in the computer do you want to know before and after the implementation of it, bring more effect than your vice president. Talent is the need to pay the salaries of the clerk wanted to retain the ability of the network of talent, is a dream.


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