double last year, eleven, if you shop out of stock seven or eight times, will be kicked out. In order not to appear out of stock, must increase inventory, then need loans to support." gold crown stores Li Xing told the "global entrepreneurs".

when the seller went to traditional banking outlets when applying for loans, the first problem is the lack of collateral for loans, "how many suites, cars or other fixed assets can be secured?" the bank customer manager is unable to determine the risk of small businesses, can only use the form of mortgage. In addition, bank credit is usually fixed, but the seller required funds only for a short time, flat down financing cost is too high.

"the key is the traditional bank financing program is too complex, too many materials needed. These small and micro enterprises, each of them to provide more than one material, 10% to 15% customers will not come. If you want to provide 10 copies of the material, then more than half of the customers will not come." The general manager of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank SME business center Wang Su south "global entrepreneurs" sigh.

Taobao online shop has 300 enterprises (the entire electricity supplier industry about 4 million of the shop), when an online store sales will have a certain amount of loan demand after the year of 1 million 500 thousand. According to the most simple data model to calculate the total electricity supplier financing needs of Taobao about 300 billion of the total demand, which is a very large market." Wang Sunan said. Before Ali small loans for the seller to launch 5 hundred million credit, in 28 minutes of 2800 enterprises sold out, is an utterly inadequate measure.

Ali small loan was established in April 2010, the use of the natural advantages of credit data and behavior data of Alibaba, Taobao, Alipay and other e-commerce platform on the accumulation of customers, introducing the model and online video credit investigation mode of network data, the customer in the e-commerce platform on the network behavior data is mapped to the credit evaluation of enterprises and individuals, to these are often unable to obtain loans in the traditional financial channels of "vulnerable groups" batch release "of small amount, short term, borrowed" micro credit loans. Currently Ali small loan customers reached 640 thousand, the total amount of loans reached a total of $about 150000000000, while the bad debt rate of less than 1%.

Jingdong also took a similar approach, the use of trading data on its platform, logistics and warehousing data, etc., to provide Jingdong to enter the core financial products: supply chain financial products, Beijing baby". Deputy general manager of Jingdong Yao Naisheng in 2014 the Internet finance conference said, "the current can reach 3 minutes to achieve loans, the lending rate of supply chain finance is the world’s fastest, we master of business supply chain based on sufficient data to support us to make quick judgments."

Ali financial business enterprise face menacing online loan business, the bank also sit still, trying to change the traditional mode of operation, have online small micro financial services launched a "Jedi counterattack".


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