on the Internet can often see some personal Adsense to do their own alliance advertising experience, which is the high price of the alliance, which does not amount to what the union. This article is mostly some union invited gunmen written text, and once propaganda easy ADMIN5 cooperation a soft contest, I also participated in, also won the ranking, won 100 yuan bonus and a t-shirt. I do not share what I have done today alliance advertising experience, a bit more, and share how to promote the alliance.

forum to promote the promotion of the alliance, the flow of Exchange Promotion, these three kinds of promotion is the longest I have done, but also the most familiar promotion. Forum promotion and exchange of traffic, I have a lot of articles mentioned in the past. Because the alliance to promote the audience is relatively small, I have not written, but today to share with you. As a staff member of the alliance, how to promote the alliance’s products, so that the owners put.

I was 06 years in the middle of the Union began to promote, I have not done before, it can be said that there is no experience. But because of their own personal webmaster, do a lot of advertising alliance, so it is clear that the webmaster is how to think, what they want. But in the beginning I have encountered many setbacks, when I started a music class is responsible for product promotion, because of low prices, low CTR, code less, even for many webmaster friends are not willing to hang the code, even some webmaster barely hanging up, click rate is too low, the owners feel do not make money, hanging two days off.

because there were a lot of similar advertising, such as Nigeria Union, mop.com alliance and so on, a click on the music products was 2 cents, mop.com union advertising a click is 4 cents, and I was analyzed, if the erotic nature of our music code and mop.com the ad code in the same a website, 100 people in at least 4 people click mop.com advertising, also is the webmaster generated revenue of $0.16, and our music product code 100 individuals to go up to 2 people to click, is for the owners to produce only 0.04 yuan of income. The difference between the 4 times the profit, only to make money owners, will not choose our alliance advertising.

felt really very difficult, suffered some setbacks, often leading to complain about a variety of problems, but I read an article "Fang Xingdong Internet business five core issues: the key to success can also be fatal" before I see light suddenly, what if things are so good to do, I do not have to do, just find someone in the company on the line. Since then, there will be more in mind, in order to improve the flow of music union I do the following work.

1: efforts to increase the flow of alliance products

1: increase product code style

went to the time, the music product advertising code is only 10 a few, and most are not the standard size of the advertising code. In order to be able to adapt to more sites >

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