2010 Chinese B2C e-commerce summit in Beijing before the summit, announced the Chinese online shopping ten year event, the following is the details:

1, August 1999, the country’s first C2C e-commerce platform, eBay on-line operation, and the first to provide personal online shopping services.

2, August 1999, e-commerce site "on the line", "" is the famous B2C e-commerce website in China in the early years.

3, November 1999, excellence and Dangdang and other sites have been on the line, set off the first wave of entrepreneurship in the field of domestic B2C e-commerce.

4, May 2003, SARS has a negative impact on the domestic economy, but to the electronic commerce has brought unexpected opportunities for development. No need to travel and meet online transactions began to be recognized by the public, the original downturn in e-commerce began quietly rising. It can be said, "SARS" is the development of e-commerce in the course of a Feng Shui ridge".

5, October 2003, as a leading third party payment platform, Alipay pioneered the security transaction model, solved the security problem of online shopping payment, by the network of consumer groups welcome.

6, July 2004, Taobao adhere to the localization strategy, the final victory over all competitors, C2C a single big foregone conclusion. Taobao to promote the popularity of China’s online shopping concept and knowledge.

7, August 2004, the Standing Committee of the ten National People’s Congress passed the People’s Republic of China electronic signature law. The electronic signature law is the first law in the field of information technology in China, which lays the foundation for the development of e-commerce.

8, August 2008, the Beijing trade and Industry Bureau officially issued on the implementation of the Beijing Municipal Information Promotion regulations to strengthen the supervision and management of e-commerce advice". In accordance with the new regulations, the use of the Internet to engage in e-commerce business activities of the main body, in order to carry out business after obtaining a business license. This is known as the shop new regulations, local regulations, has caused a high degree of concern and hot domestic shop practitioners.

9, March 2009, CCTV evening party, the exposure of illegal sales of individual stores and personal identity card information phenomenon. Online shopping for the majority of Internet users, but also become one of the hot consumer complaints.

10, January 2010, Jingdong mall to achieve the third round of $150 million financing, breaking the record of domestic B2C financing in the industry caused a great sensation.

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