] November 3rd news billion state power network, the Alibaba’s cross-border business platform aliexpress made amendments to the "seller" lost three "service agreement", it was changed to "seller" commodity security services "agreement". Since November 9th after the entry into force, the fast selling will officially open the charging mode, to collect 30 thousand yuan deposit to the seller.

learned billion state power network, aliexpress so-called "commodity security services" refers to the seller according to the agreed terms and other provisions, according to the operation of the main category or specific commodities, goods, materials, quality performance to ensure true obligation. Margin is used in the case of the seller’s violation, the buyer and the buyer to pay the seller to bear the liability for breach of contract.

for deposit payment, aliexpress notice that if the seller to confirm or by aliexpress determined to not perform "commodity service", the Seller shall fulfill payment obligations to the buyer, the platform has the right to deduct the deposit for payment to the buyer. If the deposit balance is insufficient, aliexpress will use its own funds to carry out payment, the Seller shall within 3 days to pay the corresponding amount, otherwise the international Alipay account will be frozen.

in addition, if the seller for selling fake pirated goods is aliexpress repaying, or provide any false, forged, from time to time, failure information, will be regarded as serious violations. Then, will be sold through the sale of its full margin margin, as a breach of the obligation to bear the liability for breach of contract.

it is reported that after the announcement, causing the third party sellers on the platform, and pointed out that this provision will make a small number of small sellers affected, Qi, fast selling free time no longer". 30 thousand yuan deposit without any interest, if there is a direct deduction from the violations, as well as the risk of all deductions. This is actually the cost of mandatory collection, the platform is the final say." Seller said.

billion state power network to understand, in fact, this year aliexpress has started on a tablet computer, mobile phone, wigs and other categories ranging from the amount levied technical service fee, and now the introduction of margin policy, is undoubtedly let small sellers "one disaster after another".

in this regard, insiders pointed out that the Alibaba in the domestic business, Tmall is in accordance with the "fee + deposit" form to the merchant fees, to establish the threshold to prevent excessive proliferation of brands and products.

"now aliexpress seems to imitate the Tmall model, not only in charge of raising the threshold, in the allocation of resources on the platform in favor of brands and big sellers, it is difficult not to let small sellers complain." The industry pointed out.

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