in real life, many people confuse network marketing and e-commerce. In fact, e-commerce and network marketing are two different concepts that are both related and different. E-commerce refers to the use of the Internet to carry out a variety of business activities, is a broader concept. The whole process of e-commerce must solve the problems related to electronic payment technology, security, law and so on. The development of network marketing does not require all these problems to be solved, it can only be the Internet as a new and efficient media.

e-commerce includes network marketing, there is no network marketing no customers, no customers will not trade, there will be no e-commerce, so the network marketing is an important part of e-commerce. From this point, not only e-commerce site needs to network marketing, any use of network to engage in certain activities are in need of network marketing, increase website visibility and reputation through the network marketing. On the other hand, the network marketing does not exclude the traditional marketing methods, through the traditional marketing tools, the customer absorbed to the Internet to attract their own website, is an important marketing strategy for many sites.

second, the traditional business can also use the network as a new marketing tool to enable customers to better understand the enterprise, improve customer awareness, preference and loyalty to the enterprise. As a new marketing tool, compared with the traditional network marketing method has obvious advantages, mainly for interactive advertising, customers can take the initiative with the enterprise, technology or marketing personnel to communicate, both timeliness and effectiveness, both targeted and universality.

so the network marketing is how to effectively use the network of modern information tools, to achieve the business objectives of the various activities, it is not only used in e-commerce is also used in traditional business. At present, the network can use the marketing tools are: online market research, online advertising, corporate Web sites, web forums, bulletin boards, hyperlinks, E-mail, search engines, etc.. Of course, network marketing is just at the initial stage, the network has what can be used as a tool of network marketing methods, how to use the combination of means, efforts are to be theoretical circles and enterprises.

therefore, network marketing and electronic commerce is connected with two different concepts, methods and activities, the network marketing service in the electronic commerce, services to the traditional business, network marketing is dependent on electronic commerce, and independent of electronic commerce.

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