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has cried in the media for a long time chief executive Liu Qiangdong yesterday appeared in the Jingdong first open platform partner conference site, in his speech, referring to Taobao monopoly, and remind the seller, a number of electronic business platform is the common sales steady strategy. In the next period of time, the Jingdong is the main force at the point of the platform business, Liu Qiangdong even said that if the open platform business is not good, investment Jingdong in recent years billions will boondoggle.

it is understood that the reason is because Liu Qiangdong did not show up to the United States to participate in a training course for senior managers, perhaps the hope this way to let yourself from an entrepreneur to become a more qualified managers. This time the Jingdong outside the window has been the chief marketing officer Lanye, this has also been viewed as Liu Qiangdong gradually the huge business empire to its own officials to take care of, is only responsible for their own spiritual leader’s identity. It is in the past period of time, once Liu Qiangdong began to centralize power on major issues from the outside to recruit more international elite team: COO, CMO, CFO, CTO and other top executives have been put in place. At the meeting, this trend is increasingly obvious, in addition to Liu mouth Jiangsu accent, speaking of the majority of executives are not the same accent.

the beginning of the speech, Liu Qiangdong joked that he was not willing to ask for a long time. There are six lakes, no one even saw strangers are shy. At the opening Liu later said his years of frustration: " I can feel some kind of helpless, can feel some hardships. One or two years ago, when we just entered this industry, I think everyone will win in the future, full of confidence in the future. But in recent years, we deeply feel that the seller’s day even if it can not be used to describe the difficulties, but not as good as before. "

in Liu’s view, open platform is gradually moving towards monopoly: " everyone will feel this year than last year, I got up early, sleep later than last year, spent more than last year more than last year, the price was also low, competition is fierce than last year. The goods are better, but the profits are no longer growing, and even the profits of many sellers are getting thinner. In the pocket of a hard year, returned home with wife accounts, not earn what money. What’s more, it’s time to spend time with your family and sacrifice your health. "

then Liu said: " monopoly harm central government also saw, to reform. Recently, the prime minister Keqiang prepared to set up a private bank, allowing private capital to enter the telecommunications, railway industry, the core is to break the monopoly, can make people’s life better. Any industry as long as there is a monopoly, the industry is always unhealthy. Any industry, as long as there is a monopoly in this industry, all the days of the relevant will not be good. This is the heaven will never change. If you want to call

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