from the surface, cross-border electricity supplier can be understood as cross-border trade, and e-commerce". Over the past ten years, foreign trade momentum strong, once forced new e-commerce model and become the mainstream. With the development of the Internet and the development of information technology, the controllability of security payment, e-commerce mushroomed, and become the mainstream business model.

tracing the development of e-commerce

e-commerce market was initially monopolized by young people, with the gradual maturity of Internet technology, cut into all walks of life, consumer groups from the original popularity of young people to all ages. In the transaction object, not only for ordinary consumers, but also for corporate. Thus, the concept of B2B and B2C was proposed by the industry. Although cross-border trade and e-commerce in the vast number of consumers do not seem strange, but the two link up in the industry, but only a handful of electricity providers who dabbled in it.

over the past few years, the gradual slowdown in domestic economic development, steel and other raw material surplus, high production capacity, the development of many enterprises have been affected. In order to stimulate economic growth, adjusting the industrial structure is an active means of economic activity. The rapid development of e-commerce, online transactions are considerable market at the same time, the corresponding laws and regulations, tax policy has not kept pace. Based on the above form the domestic economy from developed countries, e-commerce development, integration of resources, the timely introduction of national policy to encourage the development of electronic commerce, as well as online transactions and other related laws and regulations, so as to promote e-commerce gradually become a dominated by the market, by the state regulation of mature mode of economic development.

national policy dividend support electricity supplier development

countries make snap policy support, not only to stimulate the old economic model, but also changed the old strict control of import and export trade market system. The integration and adjustment of the market economy structure, "cross-border" has become the domestic entrepreneurs favor new development opportunities, and for a time, the transition from the traditional enterprise "," O2O "and" big data "and" Internet plus "" cloud computing "and other related industries have run up. To cross-border electricity supplier as the center, to promote the development of science and technology industry around its periphery, it is the above changes and new economic phenomenon spawned. Many people in the industry in 2014 marked the first year of cross-border electricity supplier imports, the distinction between the traditional to encourage export-oriented foreign trade economic model.

The establishment of

bonded area, lower import tariffs on dividend policy issued, on the one hand lowers the cost of imports, so that consumers can buy with the same price of goods at home and abroad, on the other hand, the national policy to encourage suppliers are targeting overseas markets a reassurance. Many domestic electricity supplier companies, the market will soon touch the trend of changes in the weather, have launched the international version of the world and the purchase of services. Looking at the major platform for overseas investment projects, the more early is positioned in the mother, cosmetics and other consumer goods etc., cross-border electricity supplier hot products are mainly developed in the first transaction mode, some branch >

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