yesterday 3· 15 party, Taobao was accused of the existence of scalping problem, as long as the payment to brush off a thousand dollars Commission, can be upgraded to blue diamond in three days, with a good article of more than and 200. After the evening, Taobao PR are given the same night response:


social governance combat brush single!

1, thanks to the CCTV exposure of the Internet brush single grey black industry, let more people understand and resist this cancer.

2, although Taobao has been in a high pressure situation against scalping, technology upgrading, but the hand brush through the QQ group, QT group, WeChat group, empty voice packet network and YY voice chat room, and the huge hidden black express complete brush single chain, using the platform no enforcement power is helpless, like a stout the leech tightly adsorbed on the e-commerce platform and network world.

We call on the

3, and strongly hope that the relevant law enforcement departments to crack down on the part of the national black industry practitioners, the formation of judicial precedent and efforts to combat effective and deterrent posture, purify the social credit environment.

4, we also hope to provide a variety of brushes and brush single organization and the base of the relevant enterprise platform hotbed, act together, work together to jointly combat, let the grey and black ones lose asylum platform, to purify our network and life.

is the first to thank the central mother, and then said that Taobao has never shirk its responsibility, finally called and strongly hope that the relevant state law enforcement authorities to crack down on the above sectors in the gray black industry practitioners". This is very interesting, compared to hungry honest mistake, Taobao intends to tend to the platform itself and the single brush industry distance. If you say, the problem is not just hungry to examine the quality of the business on the slack, but also in order to deliberately induce black workshops settled, then Taobao’s responsibility for the brush, there is room for discussion.

whether CCTV named Taobao or, or a driver qualification was repeatedly questioned the special software or platform in the audit of the related responsibility is almost everyone by default, but for various conditions in store in the specific operation, strengthen the business qualification audit only from this point to the platform, I am afraid it is too simple and crude. We can take a look at the regulatory difficulty of the brush.

single brush Legion "perfect" to simulate the real buyers themselves they


now, in order to prevent the emergence of a single brush phenomenon, the platform basically have the appropriate monitoring, but brush the army of real consumer behavior imitation, has reached almost perfect realm. In the know about Taobao brush single answer, the answer has won the praise of 1000+ revealed a single brush off after receiving the task, not directly into a shop, but according to sales order, and then pretend to enter the top few shop browsing 2-3 minutes, can enter the target store in order to operate; before the guest brush single also find dispensers for "false chat" by want; what.

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