lead: Taobao’s "explosion of culture" to make it will be mogujie.com, so beautiful to say the company’s impact.

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Taobao so many years of development determines its explosive culture". You will find the highest sales on Taobao is only a few, and how the search is so few, and will continue to repeat.

explosion culture how to form

alleged burst, and Taobao’s operating structure and search strategy. Taobao has a huge square, the search results of any product has its own set of orders, so the first two or three pages of search results become very important.

stores want to row to the front. What way? Taobao’s first strategy is the latest goods shelves in front of the store, so it is easy to cheat, I constantly shelves shelves is finished? There are various ways to find sellers cheating, Taobao will sell the best products in the front row, also made a "black box", the various parameters put into operation. But the smart sellers will find that the mathematical model of Taobao suanlaisuanqu, only sales of this parameter is the most reliable, as long as the upgrading of product sales, natural to the front row. So the seller wants to do is very simple: to make a number of high sales of goods, that is to do the explosion of money, it is a high probability of being searched, the explosion will drive the entire store sales.

stores want users through the explosion point in, promote other products in the same store transactions, but this power is very bad, because the explosion of the price low enough, the prices of other products and high. Therefore, all sellers know that the explosion is only a drain, do not make money can also be.

the final result is that when I found out that your shop out of a burst of money, then I sell you the same kind of goods as the seller, I will be cheaper than you, the two sides form a brush, which is false transactions. This situation is too much, not a single brush almost can not live; not only the clothing of this non standardized products, and now even sell iPhone5 must brush.

therefore, Taobao really sell good clothing products are the basic models, it will not be the kind of design sense of things, because to meet the public aesthetic. The most simple sweater must sell best. Amoy brand is destined to be a flash in the pan, it cut a certain part of the characteristics of the crowd, only temporarily sell slightly better.

Juhuasuan on-line continues to encourage this trend. If you sell a pair of pants all of a sudden 10 thousand, then what is your next action? Reproduction of 10 thousand. The profits will actually be lower and lower.

explosion culture has affected the apparel industry line upstream suppliers. Hangzhou Sijiqing clothing market is getting goods shop, Sijiqing behind the factory will consider this: if a style in Taobao sold well, in order to make a large number of store purchase from me than other factories.

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