from yesterday morning to today (November 12th) at 8 o’clock in the morning has exceeded the votes of the 4 million 200 thousand, which is almost twice the amount of delivery than usual." Vice president of the group in the courier express to reporters yesterday. Although the volume of singles promotion brings a surge of preparation, but the actual situation is more than he is unpopular.

Before the arrival of

day, in the amount of pass the parcel courier delivered every day at about 2 million 300 thousand, the company is expected to "peak delivery, double 11" business promotion brings, will reach 4 million.

, an increase in the number of vehicles and manpower is still not enough, these two days also recruit temporary workers and more buses." Jin Renqun told reporters, because more parcels are 48 hours delivery time, is expected to be even greater test today.

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annual "single day" promotions, surge in orders often make them unable to handle, and ultimately even lead the entire operation chain collapse.

it is also because of the learned in previous years, this year "double 11" has not yet come before, almost all courier companies have finished ahead of "recruiting" preparations, including EMS, SF, Shen Tong, tact, rhyme, in the pass, Zhaijisong, BES Huitong, nine express day etc. the enterprise based on the original more than 150 thousand vehicles on 29 thousand and 500 new vehicles, with more than 20 square meters of sorting site, add 65 thousand Lanshou delivery personnel, to ensure that the "double 11" express service.

, however, the reality is still better than they expected. 11, the courier completed 3 million 300 thousand express, STO is completed the 6 million express, according to Tmall summary information, 11 have about 70000000 parcels a day in 11 has about 25 million through the transit warehouses express company. Transit capacity of the first day, is the last year, double 11 total package generated.

"now employees are working overtime, usually sorting staff from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. to do it, now is divided into two classes of men, from 1 p.m. to seven or eight a.m. second days dry." Jin Renqun told reporters that he expected this morning will reach 4 million 500 thousand, even a local explosion may.


is undoubtedly the biggest source of double 11 promotion, before last year’s "singles day" is coming, Taobao had expected the 11 day sales over the previous year increased sharply to 1 billion, did not expect the final day of the number is 5 billion.

this year, according to Taobao had forecast, is expected to "double 11" sales may exceed 10 billion to 12 billion, while the actual result is 19 billion 100 million.

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fact, courier companies have been mixed on electrical business. Party >

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