boom a loud noise, music cool day holding Pipa debut, China’s electricity business is about to stage the U.S. armed attack on the Gulf of pigs in cuba. On the first day of the line, a web page brush is not complete, wait 10 seconds, the UI/UE does not conform to the Chinese habits, website function also many mistakes, is a look at the rush line, and the businessman also didn’t see what highlights, and obviously not ready. After half a month, but also pay attention to, the more joyful: website traffic daily PV (most of them are tens of thousands of industry professionals, see) a Amoy brand of big businesses almost no orders, open the website home page is so slow, do not see any promotion action, basically no big businesses, reminds me of Dangdang shop and these businesses may be difficult to support a platform for rapid rise, especially with a mature platform than. Because of the need of work this year and a half, I want to see the platform model, through the cool days on the line, the domestic and foreign mainstream B2B2C platform mode of several, and successfully form analytical B2B2C platform king AMAZON.

foreign B2B2C platform:

AMAZON MARKETPLACE:AMZN at the conclusion of the 1999 launch of the AUCTIONS and ZSHOPS failures (with EBAY spell C sellers, imitators die, destruction of Health), the third party seller platform launched in 2001, to B the seller, B sellers to promote C sellers, in direct competition with EBAY, achieved great success. Today AMZN MARKETPLACE is equivalent to 2 million of AMZN’s proprietary sales, is expected this year, the seller will create more than $10 billion in trading volume in 30% of this year.


/GAMRKET/AUCTION/11ST/PCHOME STORE/ YAHOO’s Asia: South Korea Chinese Taiwan B2B2C model, in which Japan Lotte platform nearly 40 thousand sellers this year will create more than 80 billion RMB transactions; South Korea GMARKET/AUCTION (before and after the acquisition by EBAY) and SK 11ST occupied Korea OPEN (60 billion RMB) MAKRKET market share of nearly 90% of the maximum; one of the B2C PCHOME in Taiwan China on 2005 launch of PCHOME STORE shop in the street 8000 sellers a year turnover of nearly 400 million RMB, the second and third YAHOO’s Taiwan Lotte behind.

domestic B2B2C platform:

Taobao Mall: Construction in the Taobao C2C platform based on the mall, the equivalent on the market in SHOPPING MALL, is the advantage of users and transaction volume mass, the vertical city first divided the mob is a businessman; inferior Nishajuxia, uneven quality of goods, the user is not high, the high cost of business promotion, fierce price PK.

Dangdang shop in the store / music cool days: all settled businesses are qualified enterprises, >

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