"lunch" and business mentor fifth "Chen Hezhong Minnie" concert to be held at

in May 29th, by the Shanghai Business School (ShopEx) jointly organized and commercial value "and" business mentor lunch fifth station to Hangzhou, visit the Taobao high-end handbags leader – Imini (millet wrap shop). Imini is a typical model of the Amoy brand, Taobao, Taobao began to grow in, to today’s Tmall original, Imini has all the success of the Amoy brand due element, 2012 Ali was named "the world’s ten largest net goods brand", the price is way ahead of the other original brand handbags, every year at a speed of 200%-300% on the run……. Minnie dialogue manipulator, electric business called "rice", general manager Chen Hezhong, this is also our long-awaited feast. Before the feast, or the old rules, first as we prepare some Chen Hezhong business to readers who dry cargo.

the success of an electricity supplier, there are four areas of competence: marketing capabilities, operational capabilities, product and supply chain capabilities, IT and system architecture capabilities. The industry’s three common formats electricity supplier. The first is the Amoy brand, marketing ability and operation ability outstanding, construction products and supply chain in 12, 13 years this time node, has been greatly improved, and the ability of IT and the architecture because it is more in the business platform shop, Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and three party platform has the relatively mature management background, at the same time on the market of the third party service provider IT is relatively mature, therefore, in the on premise "IT application", this ability construction usually by the platform and the third party IT service providers can easily make up the module capacity. There is a factory type foreign trade electricity supplier, the electricity supplier in product and supply chain capabilities, if itself has more than 5 hundred million annual sales of the line scale (a lot of foreign manufacturers have the ability to do so), a certain resource reserves, therefore, to find TP, poaching and other ways to quickly make up for marketing and operation ability. Similarly, in the absence of big IT application, under the premise of the ability to build the same IT. Third brands, such as BELLE, three, Xilinmen, four aspects as many. This is not the focus of today, so it does not expand.

today we interview Minnie mainly from the marketing module (operation module hope friends at lunch on the day of the interview), taking into account the number of products and supply chain management (long winded so much, but what is that to you, we are disciplined. Haha).

marketing strategy

First look at the location of Minnie

. Imini’s core target population is the age range of women aged 28 ~35 years old. Imini mainly around the crowd, do the corresponding age range of diffusion, for example, pan core crowd of 25~45 years old women. This is the easy way out of position or female economic independence (female white-collar), or has been in charge of the family finances (married), de >

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