hungry and double Yi Ruo financing. This is a $350 million E round.

due to the real amount of financing a few days ahead of time was exploded, leading to the mystery of the whole conference discount. In addition, before the amount of financing is rumored to be $1 billion, but a lot of people of this obviously unscientific digital media face some 350 million for gospel truth, so this is not a small number is not too aggressive. But take a good look at this conference passed a signal, or you can see a lot of interesting things.

who gave the money?

round of financing led by CITIC industrial fund investment, Tencent, Jingdong, public comment, Sequoia four with investment. These investors placed in a piece, it is certainly not short of.

CITIC Industrial Fund on the Internet at the time of the high light moment, is the beginning of last year dropped a $100 million C round of financing, at the end of the year and then gave the hungry. It can be said that their 2014 is to start with the most crazy O2O, but also to the end of the craziest O2O, not much to do the limelight. This PE is not the main investment direction of the Internet, so they are in the circle of Internet popularity is not high, only know the extent and depth of the nouveau riche in Sequoia on background. One does not use the Internet as the main investment direction of the strong PE lead cast this round of financing, can be seen as a good picture of what is hungry listed prospects.

Tencent and Jingdong is the highlight of this list, and I feel surprised. Tencent’s appearance is not accidental, I was surprised that the Tencent is not the lead investor. It can be said that from the public comment on the investment hungry at the moment, Tencent is destined to become hungry, the strategic investors. Hungry on the value of the Tencent may have been reflected in the early comments on the hungry investment valuation.

as for the Jingdong, it was a real surprise for me. Although I knew that this financing has two heavyweight strategic investors in advance, while speculation may list of investor in Jingdong (originally written on the possible strategic bidders company hand count), but it announced the Jingdong, or a really did not expect to feel tm.

a reporter at the press conference to ask Zhang Xuhao about the cooperation of the Tencent and the Jingdong for the future, Zhang Xuhao. Good Job! We have the code space to play, you have to say that we don’t have these written comments did not have to play back? We specially to discuss and the 2 related strategic investors to unexpected circumstances.

as for Sequoia and comments are chasing cast, this is easy to understand. Sequoia collar investment hungry C round of financing of $30 million, the public comment on the investment of $80 million D round of financing. The two were sitting on the table, and now feel visible chips, caught a good hand. In particular, comments, after the last round of investment and the depth of cooperation between the hungry, for both sides

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