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.Mobi domain name has a lot of advantages

said Chinese nets Xinwanghulian two.Mobi and.Mobi domain name registration authority, is the world’s first, is currently the only one designed for mobile phone and mobile terminal equipment to build the domain name is ICANN approved the new international top-level domain, dedicated to mobile devices to provide Internet services addressing.

because.Mobi is initiated by MTLD, while MTLD’s investors include organization jointly formulated by Ericsson, Google, Microsoft, NOKIA, Samsung and other well-known manufacturers association and the world’s top mobile phone standard GSM etc.. With these strong background support, the features of the.Mobi will be gradually reflected in the new mobile phone, for example, may increase the key functions to support one click access to.Mobi space on the mobile phone, the mobile phone internet protocol used is stronger than the security of WAP protocol.

up to now, China has registered about 40 thousand.Mobi domain names, has now become the world’s.Mobi domain name of the second largest registered countries.

companies.Mobi domain name was registered


reporter in the understanding of the relevant.Mobi domain name information, found in the site of www.333.mobi.Mobi non official blog website forum, a Bikeclub domain name investors were registered Chinaren.mobi, 17173.mobi, kodak.mobi and ChinaHR.mobi brand.Mobi domain name. In addition, including Lenovo, SIEMENS and many other well-known brands have been registered domain name investors. So, these well-known brands of domain names will be registered by individual users?

in order to protect the trademark brand is not individual malicious cybersquatting, Mobi registered enterprises launched the Trademark Bureau for the priority of registration, and the priority of registration in the trademark registration, take the first to the principle of service, the same domain name only accept an application. In the meantime, China Telecom, China Construction Bank, Central People’s broadcasting station, Xinhua life insurance, Pfizer,

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