financial crisis to the world is caused by the reduction of investment and consumer confidence, resulting in the sharp decline in production orders and sales channels of small and medium enterprises in china. Especially for some small and medium-sized enterprises mainly rely on export trade, is even worse. While the financial crisis makes the foreign trade and domestic trade proportion to accelerate the adjustment of export trade, will become a new hot spot in the domestic electronic commerce.

small and medium enterprises in the process of dealing with the crisis, we must learn to adapt to the various crises brought about by the test, and strive to find ways to deal with and give full play to creativity, to find new growth points. This provides a great opportunity for the development of electronic commerce, because e-commerce can greatly reduce marketing costs, and can effectively solve the problem of the sales network and channels for the processing trade enterprises to develop the domestic market.

mentioned in the previous article, I mentioned that enterprises must enter the e-commerce "three steps", in fact, the use of e-commerce is far from simple. At present, in order to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of small and medium enterprises, we must first promote the construction of small and medium enterprises. Chinese nets ( e-commerce experts believe that e-commerce as the core of the Internet will change or even subvert the traditional business model of small and medium-sized enterprises, is a tool to improve innovation ability, to deal with the international financial crisis.

e-commerce as a modern means of circulation, has penetrated into all fields of production, circulation and consumption, to change the traditional management mode, reduce transaction costs, improve economic efficiency, plays an increasingly important role in promoting regional economic development. Insiders said that in the process of enterprise restructuring, e-commerce will undoubtedly become the most effective assistant business, low cost, high efficiency, to help companies enter the emerging markets with the highest speed.

authoritative survey shows that 30% of enterprises believe that the application of e-commerce has achieved a significant competitive advantage, and 53% of the companies that have a role in promoting. That is to say, at present more than 80% network operators can benefit from the network, life becomes easier, electronic commerce has brought tangible benefits for enterprises. Specifically, the survey found the enterprise changes before and after the application of electronic commerce, 67% of enterprises believe that the partner increases, business channels more wide, 58% corporate customers, increase sales increase, the enterprise informatization level of 56% increase, the network in the virtuous cycle of increasing the overall level.

With the characteristics of

e-commerce to reduce transaction costs and improve transaction efficiency, shorten the remittance time, expand the scope of sales can effectively improve the network (individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises) competitiveness, the use of e-commerce online and small and medium-sized enterprises in the global economic crisis last year, the survival rate is higher than the traditional line of business 5 times.

, however, the development of e-commerce can not be separated from the network marketing. At present, more than 90% of small and medium-sized enterprises have network marketing bottlenecks: 80% a website visitor flows away visitors flow 15% times visit but do not leave any information, visitors flow 4% messages but do not take the initiative to contact, not only to.

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