in the increasingly fierce competition of Taobao, how to see the customers of their own shops to stay is very important. Especially in the virtual online shopping environment, the old customer is very important, because the trust is an important condition for the promotion of shopping. In fact, a lot of stores for their customers why the loss of customers is not clear. TBW Taobao is here to list a few of their own personal experience, hoping to be able to bring help to the vacant Taobao shopkeeper.

specifically, there are the following problems:

1, shop decoration is not beautiful, and decades as a day. The decoration is the owner of Taobao will do homework, a store may not attract buyers interested. So if there is no shop bold innovation, customers move to their possible.

2, shop baby quality problems. In fact, many shopkeepers can do very well at the beginning, but over time, a variety of cost increases, resulting in lax quality checks. Slowly, more and more fake and shoddy products received by customers. This led to the old customers have left.

3, customer service is not strong sense of God, resulting in poor service levels. No matter how well the other side, always through the customer service to complete the transaction, this time if the customer service is not good, it is undoubtedly fatal. You can try TBW home that Taobao shop, see how they serve, they know why their business is so good.

4, some of the problems are not handled properly. Some customers receive goods found a problem in the customer service to reflect the time, many sellers are the first thing to think of the other side of the problem or the responsibility to push all the head of the. At this time if you can seize the opportunity to properly deal with, or offer a "sorry", often can get the other party’s forgiveness. I believe he will think of you the next time you go shopping.

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