DST Tiger Fund led, $1 billion 500 million fed Jingdong

days ago, Jingdong mall officially announced the completion of $1 billion 500 million C round of financing, the current round of financing by the Russian investment group D igitalSkyTechnologies (DST), 6 Tiger Fund and other funds and some celebrities investment. Almost all of the financing will be invested in logistics and technology research and development, Jingdong mall is expected to be listed in Hongkong or the United States in 2013.

so far, China Internet history of the largest single financing settled on the other side of the car, Liu Qiangdong and his team have rushed towards the kingdom of B2C billion speeding along, running all the way.

WAL-MART family has shares

Liu Qiangdong, chairman and chief executive officer of the board of directors of Jingdong mall on April 1st announced on micro-blog, Jingdong completed C round of financing totaling $1 billion 500 million, of which $1 billion 100 million has been credited to the

. Round of financing in the largest investment fund D ST, a total investment of $500 million. It is worth noting that, in April last year, Tencent invested $300 million to D ST, currently has more than 10% stake in the company, D ST was involved in investing in F A C B O O E K and G roupon.

Liu Qiangdong south are reporters: "Chinese e-commerce market has great potential, and have a healthy business model and excellent market performance of the electronic commerce enterprises, increasingly attracted the attention of well-known international investment institutions. The success of the financing for the rapid development of the Jingdong mall and even China’s e-commerce industry has a very positive meaning." Liu Qiangdong admitted that there are plans to refinance again.

for the world’s traditional retail giant WAL-MART is involved in the current round of financing, Jingdong said it would not comment. And Liu Qiangdong last month to accept the China operator TV interview admits: WAL-MART family is actually our shareholders." Whether WAL-MART plans to enter the e-commerce through the acquisition of Jingdong, Liu Qiangdong responded: WAL-MART family has successfully managed the entire experience of WAL-MART. So in the process of investing in us, we firmly believe that we get more talent, knowledge, and some strategic recommendations."

in addition, despite the $1 billion 500 million financing to refresh a new record of China’s Internet, but the outside world is also worried that Liu Qiangdong equity will be further diluted, or will lose control. Participate in the financing of the Huaxing capital CEO Bao Fan said, "Tiger Fund, D ST, Softbank, to the price, often also have the right to vote for the founder……" Liu Qiangdong does not seem to imply that the loss of its financial control in Jingdong.

and a person involved in the early financing of Jingdong, Jingdong investment agreement, no matter how much stake in Liu Qiangdong, its board of directors seats will not change. Before this round of financing, Jingdong has a total of 9 board seats, of which 5 were Liu Qiangdong.

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