to product manufacturing based industrial enterprises, most in their own website to sell their products. This kind of enterprise, some website just as a similar to the past "product window" thing, put the product photos above, write the specifications, product characteristics, product price, that would be Everything will be fine.. In fact, the energy technology enterprise website had have not been excavated, marketing innovation on the website, but also reduces the actual effect of start-up enterprise website. I have carefully examined the Shanghai and Shenzhen listed companies in more than and 500 kinds of official website published, gave me the impression that there are three:

is a general enterprise poor, years of losses in the ST companies, or web page updates slow, the link is wrong, or is the section of dull, old content, poor picture quality, and even individual enterprises did not set up a website, or a shop name, the web page is directed to other sites. The good performance of listed companies, the website quality is much better, a login page, products, warm and thoughtful service, a superb collection of beautiful things, let people feel the company production and business is booming.

two is in the small board, the GEM listed company website is probably the best quality IPO of enterprise funds, can be hired to master the use of the site construction site, a variety of technology is excellent, well advertising marketing is also business planning and selection, the dynamic web pages, particularly attractive to users.

three is the only large financial and insurance listed company website, realize the website advertising marketing to the e-commerce platform across their website has been able to make the clients interact with the office platform, while both the advantages of advertising and marketing. The manufacturing enterprise website, in addition to a small number of customer orders, after-sales feedback, maintenance, such as the registration of the three functions, the majority of the product is still "showcase" kind of grade.

above is introduced, but also with China’s listed companies qualified. China and small and medium-sized enterprises, micro enterprises, including the network of shops is too many to count all enterprise website construction, need a complete change in the transform heaven and earth. This is not only a great opportunity for the Internet industry and web site owners, but also to adapt itself to the development of the Internet must take a step. After all, in today’s world, hundreds of millions of Internet users day and night on the Internet shuttle, the site represents a corporate image of the market, the image is too bad, consumers will not pay for a company’s products.

for manufacturing enterprises, the site is more difficult to build. Manufacturing enterprises including heavy industry and light industry two categories. Heavy industrial products enterprises, such as metallurgy, machinery, energy (electricity, oil, coal, natural gas, chemical, building materials and so on), the majority of large and medium-sized enterprises are large, and their customers is limited to corporate customers, business channels, here we do not consider this kind of enterprise website construction. We should focus our attention on all kinds of light industrial enterprises

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