Spring Festival is approaching, in order to repay the glory of the old and new customers to open the "special honor special purchases for the Spring Festival festival grand promotional activities. During January 18th -20, selling mobile phone 4 days 10 Carnival million purchase, purchase coupons to enjoy preferential, bring new surprises for consumers. Among them, Tmall won the double 11 single product crown tide models 5X to 10:08 every day glory play, time at HUAWEI mall on sale; in addition, the new version of 5X synchronous grey glory smooth play on January 18th 10:08 at HUAWEI mall, Jingdong HUAWEI mall, Tmall’s flagship store platform officially the first pin, treat yourself, friends and relatives for two. By then, the glory of mobile phone panic buying will bring consumers a feast of the year "Chinese bursting with happiness".

purchase link: http://s.sale.vmall.com/rynhj.html



, 5X glory smooth play version, under the jurisdiction of full Netcom mobile version and other versions of several rounds of open sale, cash supply to ensure that consumers successfully purchase during the spring festival. The Spring Festival is the first purchase recommended fame, glory play 5X’s innovative metal fuselage, fingerprint recognition, 3GB large memory and honor the classical full Netcom, high quality, strong pictures, long life and a series of characteristics into one, completely subvert thousands of mobile phone market, since October listed to rave reviews.

in the design, selection of aircraft grade aluminum as the main material of the 5X to achieve the glory smooth play metal body, application of high speed grinding and polishing of CNC diamond cutter and 3D surface metal wire drawing process, the 5X glory play delicate facial; in technological innovation, was friends known as the "second opening artifact glory smooth play 5X supports the latest fingerprint recognition technology 2, the fastest 0.5 seconds to unlock, and support different APP, fingerprint fingerprint to open direct dialing to the specified number of contacts brought hitherto unknown function, the ultimate experience for the user. As for the glory of its thousands of CNC star models, glory play 5X full support mobile Unicom, telecom, 4G, 3G, 2G under the jurisdiction of the network, can use up to 50 global leading telecom operators SIM card.

is worth mentioning is that the grey version of the 5X glory play capable, low-key, and endowed with obvious "business" label, not only exudes the charm of business, more fashionable yet elegant taste. Coupled with the security fingerprint recognition, endurance, memory and other characteristics from the inside out to take into account the needs of business people, business people are now the most appropriate choice.

glory brand relevant responsible person said, the opening day special purchases for the Spring Festival promotion activities are based on the end user to buy gifts, to purchase demand and launch. During the Spring Festival, the glory will continue to be the end of the year award program in a variety of forms to repay the old and new users, for consumers to provide a good gift for the monkey year.

enjoy the holiday festival, wish for yourself or your family to acquire a new mobile phone, 5X is the best choice of the glory smooth play of >;

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