was founded in 2008, is a famous limited discount website, a substantial discount over retail price discounts, including fashion, skin care products, bags, leather goods, accessories, perfume and other goods to consumers Chinese. Previously has not been optimistic about the bloodshed in March 23, 2012, but after the listing continued to improve performance, the current market capitalization of $710 million is the old electricity supplier Dangdang nearly two times.’s recent performance so that the industry is moving, the ensuing controversy also can be heard without end battles rage, survival.

What is the name of

products Limited discount model value? Brands who may only regard him as one of the sewer system inventory, and the rate of re purchase of and user activity, consumers do not think consumer have what not good, but very happy to shop at, this is because has created a great consumer surplus.’s products have a great discount 0.5-4 discount efforts, the price is much lower than the psychological expectations of consumers, which has great appeal to consumers.

1 million 700 thousand active users in the three quarter, 5 million 400 thousand orders, the average active users to buy 3.2, price 180 yuan / single, daily orders 60 thousand, gross margin of 22.3%, iResearch data show that the first half of the average monthly re purchase rate of 82.4%, how can such a beautiful data do not let other people envy the electricity supplier? The business tycoons and industry competitors to make exclusive cake? Although achieved good results in the third quarter after the CEO Shen Ya deliberately keep modestly said: "we are not particularly proud of the place, from the earlier success, is the way to go, now the state is uncertain". This sentence is said to the electricity supplier giants, competitors and investors to listen, tell them this pattern of electric water is also very deep, very dangerous, do not enter, but no matter what he says, next to trouble.

many people expressed concern about the future of, but in a short period of time I still optimistic about However,’s crisis will also appear, will face three major problems: first, Tmall and other giants to enter the electricity supplier flash purchase market; second, competitors and investment force spoiler flash purchase market; third, expanding their business and a new growth point. Again, I divide it into three crisis points and three counter points.

crisis 1: electricity supplier giant involved in flash purchase

first, is most worried about the electricity supplier giants involved in this field, at present, Tmall has been involved in this market, launched a sub brand sale channel, from the Tmall home page, brand sale channel is ranked in the "brand Street", "Tmall original" before the second horizontal navigation channel this position, which shows that Tmall began to pay attention to led the famous limited discount market. But Tmall has not popularized this channel in public relations, transforms the natural flow, assuming Tmall to enter this market, is difficult to parry, why


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