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is the 58 city Tencent shares the news! Black began to think of another question, is not to do O2O hide not open BAT? Is there another way?


on Friday, another BAT capital story happened. Tencent no signs of $58 stake has been listed in the city of 736 million, accounting for the shares of 19.9%. Have money, then spend more than the Tencent and Jingdong.

of course, black beans feel, only talk about what cash not comparable, because the two Tencent investment will also search for fast and easy asset injection, and provide a lot of resources. But the matter itself, since the Tencent put forward the concept of connecting everything, the desire for O2O is increasingly strong.

compared with this, the Tencent 58 stake in the subsequent cooperation context is not so easy to find out, so a lot of real money will be not at all surprising. After the announcement of the message, 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo issued a foreign day about ten days after the publication of the details of the cooperation will be announced in 10 days. And he said: "very emboldened (Tencent trading) early do not be so expensive, but will feel cheap."

black beans feel, O2O wave is a wave after wave, when the basic necessities of life are BAT for it after this wave of classified information website. Yao Jinbo said this evidence, when someone asked him to accept this investment means that when the stand, his response was: "58 city and BAT have cooperation at different levels."

black beans can not help but think of another question: whether O2O is BAT’s one-man show? If it is, who will be the next BAT investment? If not, it should be how to develop


down the comb, in addition to the 58 city classified information website, concern is the people network and Or, to answer the question of whether O2O is BAT’s one-man show, they need to give the answer.

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is more interested in the people network, because I just started to pay attention to the field of entrepreneurship when some years ago, it is the name of the guest is collected. It was set up earlier than the city of 58, and the two models are similar, both vertical field and mobile strategy, from the B end users to get revenue. But Wang Jianshuo is more willing to call it a platform strategy, an aggregation of various vertical categories of information dissemination platform.

people network founder also has a story, and Yao Jinbo. People network founder Wang Jianshuo is a famous technique of young men, and seem to be backing bigger than Yao, who is the youngest of the Microsoft project manager, Chinese since the first media.

a few months ago, YEEPAY president Yu Chen’s words let black pondering some days, the effect is China, Internet and the United States is not the same to the left and right is right. People network and

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