technology news May 1st afternoon news, the Internet clothing brand "starry" recently shares to the National SME transfer system to the public transfer instructions, which means that the Han clothing is listed on the new board, which from the Alibaba was established "to assist businesses listed office only a few days time.

Han Yi homes was founded in 2006, mainly engaged in women’s clothing, men’s clothing, children’s clothing, accessories and related services and other services, which has set up 29 sub brands.


Korean homes financial data

according to the public transfer instructions, the 2014 and 2015 annual, starry operating income was 831 million yuan and 1 billion 260 million yuan, net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company for $-3753.76 million yuan and 33 million 851 thousand and 600 yuan.


Korean clothing homes are the main business income composition

in the starry 2014 and 2015 annual main business income, women’s products accounted for the highest, reaching more than 70%, but from 79.91% to 73.34%; at the same time, the business gradually extended to men’s clothing, children’s clothing and other fields, men accounted for the proportion of main business income increased from 15.25% to 16.95%, children accounted for by 4.84% increased to 8.89%.

during the reporting period, gross profit contribution rate of women’s products has been topped, accounting for more than 70%. However, due to the extension of the business to men’s clothing, children’s clothing and other services, children’s products and other business gross margin increased, the proportion of women’s brands accounted for the total gross profit margin decreased.

in the sales channels, mainly for online channels, sales model is divided into B2C mode and B2B-B2C mode, B2C sales platform is divided into the official website, the official APP, Tmall, Jingdong, etc.. "B2B-B2C" channel is mainly, its products are sold to the Korean homes, Korean homes have clothes with direct settlement.

and sales customers, 2014 to based, the amount of sales of $181 million, accounting for the proportion of operating income of 21.75%. In 2015, sales amounted to 345 million yuan, total operating income ratio was 27.37%; the Alibaba Liren purchase sales amounted to 1 million 349 thousand and 400 yuan, total operating income ratio was 0.11%.

starry believes that this model does not rely on offline sales channels, thereby eliminating the rent and labor costs, while online sales not only to strengthen the control of the channel, but also ensure the asset light business model.


Han Yi homes ownership structure

Korean homes have revealed the ownership structure of the show, Zhao Yingguang, Zhang Hongxia, >

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