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has been the domestic digital reading market is a difficult one, facing users pay low awareness of traditional problems, on the other hand, the overall market competition is not the only game content resources, it is a platform, channel, terminal and content of a full battle.

electricity supplier in the field frequently shot is not a new thing in the digital reading, Amazon, Dangdang, Jingdong, Suning electronic business platform has been set deeply through electronic business platform and the digital reading. From the beginning of this year, the giants in the field of digital reading has begun to explore the electricity supplier. The electricity supplier explore can be more convenient in the distribution level, on the other hand, content creation level can bring greater benefits to the creator, to promote the digital reading platform more healthy development.

electricity supplier exploration, digital reading gorgeous turn

with the upcoming 11 double, the major electricity supplier platform ushered in the promotion season. NetEase cloud reading this digital reading platform is no exception. In November 1st 0, NetEase launched the "cloud reading book store NetEase festival activities since November 1st until November 11th, when the mobile client platform cloud reading 600 thousand books content of all 1 fold, this is the second industry after 528 weeks the free once again open digital reading of large-scale promotional activities. When the mobile terminal price of all books all transparent, originally in the competition has become intense industry, spare no effort to stir the market again.

in this promotional activities, to explore the so-called electricity supplier is actually used to pay cash, gifts and other forms to promote the integration of the user with the integral, the package exchange platform and the realization of related books, digital reading business.

in this platform, the creators of the electricity supplier in the seller, the reader has become the electricity supplier in the buyer". Buyers and sellers in accordance with the classification of books, quality and the chapters of the transaction, NetEase cloud reading has become a platform for the management of this transaction.


management and operation idea and business as a direct supplier of pattern of digital reading platform, great ingenuity and originality.

reading platform, the buyer and seller’s trading system

is not just a new concept of management, in the form of content creation and user pay, digital reading electricity supplier to explore the formation of a unique ecosystem.

The trading system and the China Mobile ebook Migu

cloud reading business model or the difference between the. Analysys analyst Sun Peilin believes that the e-book content platform as a service B2C, from the market perspective, the short-term is still high input low return stage, the e-book content platform operators have certain requirements in the capital.

it is understood that the Migu reading.

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