Liu Qiangdong why choose Suning store members category attack? There are many reasons, but again Liu Qiang East we have more than 20% gross margin, we hit the electric price war is to this view for the consumer, its purpose is to attack the Suning in the use of consumer sentiment. When it comes to the core of Jingdong 3C products why do not play the price war, Liu Qiangdong always perfunctory, said 3C products only 4, 5 gross profit point, there is no value can be large, but in fact, Jingdong is afraid of injury and its core business.

Liu Qiang east to attack Su Ning in the test the intelligence of consumers, consumers forced to stand. Suning stores electricity Maori high, there are many factors in it. But in any case, Suning is listed in the domestic small plates listed companies, the need to ensure that the profits of domestic investors are responsible for the annual dividend to shareholders. Jingdong took foreign investment $1 billion 500 million, has been basically impossible in the domestic market, the money earned by Jingdong is divided into foreign capital.

maybe a lot of people are not investors, also don’t care how Suning shares, but the reason, Su Ningzuan’s money not to go abroad, more is spent at home, or for stock dividends or build more Suning store, to serve more customers, on time it barely counted the people, service to the people. But Jingdong, the money will basically go overseas investment hands.

Jingdong and Suning launched all electric price war indeed brought benefits for consumers, online shopping habits, hoping to save money, consumers can choose Jingdong can also choose, this is the freedom of consumers. Where the price is cost-effective, good service, consumers will choose where. But still above that sentence, Su Ningzuan’s money will give domestic investors dividends, and after the listing of the Jingdong will not make money to domestic consumers. It may be said that the Jingdong to sell cheaper, is to the interests of consumers, but don’t forget too cheap now, even cheaper.’s performance will affect the entire Suning group, which will affect the domestic stock market.

electronic commerce is to break the traditional retail sales model, it also brings more benefits to consumers, Suning also did not stubbornly maintain the traditional retail line, but the initiative to develop the e-commerce platform of, this is Su Ning aggressive performance. Although Suning will change, but the domestic stock market did not give a definite positive change of Suning’s support.

from the beginning of this year, Suning Appliance shares from a near 11 yuan fell to 6 yuan near now, almost halved. The domestic stock market downturn, the electricity supplier industry can cause a little wind sways grass drastic change Suning stock price. In particular, these two days, Liu Qiangdong launched a war of words is triggered by Suning’s share price volatility, a lot of people speculated that Liu Qiangdong is a joint with foreign institutions short suning. I really do not understand why the domestic stock market, Suning stock price will fall? From the current electricity market overall situation, has the most potential for development, is expected to maintain a 70% year quarterly growth, the market is a quarter of the average.

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