original title: Juhuasuan push the country’s first single talent group

is the first domestic talent buy. Yesterday, the giant network and buy site Juhuasuan announced that it will launch the country’s first talent buy program, the giant network to buy millions of shares at the cost of the game strategist. Juhuasuan is trying to open up the difference between the group buying mode, to all groups positioning closer.

it is reported that Juhuasuan will face the entire society for the giant "group purchase" game value planners, who graduated from the college entrance examination this year, top-notch math Curve Wrecker can register, resume. After the written examination, interview selection, will be able to become a giant employee, as a strategic game next year, 3D journey, the number of planners, and one million yuan of equity subsidiary.

industry insiders believe that Juhuasuan group purchase talent project helps the group purchase platform derived from the traditional sense of the commodity sales service to the personnel involved in the field of the field, job search, recruitment, games and other services, more personalized demand for young user groups, to expand its influence in this part of the user. Juhuasuan has a massive user base. (reporter Li Duo)

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