yesterday in bought two books, or on the development of the WP8, recently I seem to have for this thing some crazy, huh. Today I finally managed to receive the two book, although yesterday has help to the company, but had said Dangdang still quite wonderful, actually got to the night 10 points when the courier delivered, if it is sent to the home, usually at 10 in the evening I was sleeping.

why I would choose to buy things on, the main reason is not how much money you in online banking, and Jingdong does not support Alipay, so I in order to make use of Alipay payment will try to use Dangdang shopping, forgot to say username is the first registered. Another reason is that they want to experience, is good, can be considered for early adopters. I used to go shopping platform only Taobao, including Tmall, and Jingdong, from now on I have a choice is dangdang. So which of the three shopping platforms do I prefer?

price comparison

there is no doubt that Taobao’s price grappling is most serious, so the price has more advantages compared with the other two. That is in contrast to the price of Jingdong and Dangdang, the Jingdong’s price is slightly lower than the Jingdong, but I only refer to the book category, I chose two of this book, the Jingdong for the price of 92.5 dollars, was 93. As for how the book is a book on Taobao, I’m not particularly clear, the total feeling in Taobao to buy the book, I feel a little strange.

logistics comparison

in terms of logistics is not faster than Jingdong, when only limited to Jingdong itself. If it is settled in the merchant shipping, then the speed is really very slow, far better than Taobao Tmall. Dangdang logistics speed is not slow, but since the last time to buy, I have some fear of Dangdang logistics, can not be delivered in the middle of the night… As for Taobao, mainly to see the delivery location, precisely because of this reason, so I now buy things in Taobao, the first choice is the location, followed by sales reputation. The natural first choice of Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai, then will choose Shenzhen. Why do you choose Shenzhen, mainly to buy the majority of Taobao digital hardware in the majority, some things, in addition to Shenzhen, there is no other place, Jingdong Dangdang will not have…

quality contrast

The probability of

online fakes is still relatively low, but I still feel I last bought a fake, see a mobile phone shell sales is also good, praise is also good, the owner can claim to be original, the buy back is a tragedy. Of course, this happens only in Taobao, after all, Taobao owner understand the Taobao shop a little dragons and fishes jumbled together, and also know the so-called crown, mostly brush out, buy things in Taobao or to keep their eyes open. Dangdang and Jingdong, I bought the most is the book, the book that they naturally do not sell pirated, some people say that in the book Dangdang to buy some old, but I feel fine. I do not know what you do for Jingdong and Dangdang evaluation.


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