electricity supplier in the field of fierce competition in China’s Internet industry, Tencent has been a low-key player.

in May this year, the Tencent completed a new round of organizational restructuring, the establishment of Tencent electric holding company (ECC) focus on the operation of e-commerce business, plans to spend $1 billion to build its brand, technology and business model, and appointed Tencent im QQ first product manager Wu Xiaoguang helm. Wu Xiaoguang recently accepted the "First Financial Daily" interview with reporters to talk about its development in the future. Compared to interactive entertainment, instant messaging, the recruits were selected for the Tencent in the mobile Internet Era "Pathfinder", and is expected to through the "independent listing" means to seek the next value.


Tencent electricity supplier holding CEO Wu Xiaoguang

new wave coming

First Financial Daily: this year, what are the impact of macroeconomic policies on your business and the field in 2013 the situation?

Wu Xiaoguang: this year, due to the continued downward macroeconomic, it does have a certain impact on investment and consumption. But from the point of view of our e-commerce industry, still maintained a huge growth. Looking at the whole world, even if the United States, such as consumer maturity, weak economic growth or stagnation of the country, to the Amazon as the representative of e-commerce is still the rapid growth of 15%~20%. It can be predicted that the traditional enterprise electricity supplier as a representative of a new wave of upcoming, and in 2013 to become the main driving force of the industry. Vertical integration of the Internet and the industry will also create a more profound growth opportunities, we are very optimistic about this.

Daily: Tencent 2012 organizational structure adjustment, from the original business system (Business Units, BUs) upgraded to business group (Business Groups, BGs), the establishment of the Department of the big business. Among them, the electricity supplier business was split and the establishment of electricity supplier holding company (ECC). In terms of Tencent, the electricity supplier on the overall layout of the independent meaning?

Wu Xiaoguang: in the past six years, e-commerce Tencent have gone through three stages: the first stage is the incubation period, the company will pat as seed business strategic incubation; the second stage is the period of growth, the electronic commerce business merged into the Internet business system at the time, integration and social networking platform now faces; the third stage: Tencent business rite. Tencent group hopes to be able to carry electricity providers greater responsibility, really into the community, to create value for the community, for the industry.

in order to achieve this goal, the group decided to e-commerce business to independent companies – the Tencent electricity holding company in the form of operation, on the one hand, hope that we can focus more attention on the other hand, it is hoped that through a major reform of the management system, give new business more >

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