June 14th, according to sources, after the investment of $50 million to buy good music, Tencent again vertical B2C strategic investment diamond Kelan diamond net, investment amounting to tens of millions of dollars.

the sources said that at present, the Tencent invest Kelan diamond agreement has been reached, and the Tencent also received a considerable proportion of the shares of Kelan diamond. The news has also been confirmed insiders insiders Tencent.

it is understood that before the investment, Tencent has also worked with the diamond bird, Devine and other diamond B2C had to negotiate, expressed the intention to buy, but the final deal has not been reached.

According to the

news, Sohu IT call Kelan diamond Guo Feng. Guo Feng said it has yet to disclose the news.

2008, Kelan diamond network had announced to the outside world, the site received more than $3 million in venture capital investment is a U.S. listed company. Since the two sides signed a confidentiality agreement in the investment agreement, Guo Feng did not disclose the name of the company’s investors. However, the industry also said that the company invest Kelan diamond acorn international.

it is reported that recently, the Tencent began to restructure its e-commerce by more complex organizational structure, comprehensive e-commerce business line to replace the original electronic commerce department, at the same time, nearly ten middle and senior management positions and changes of internal personnel adjustment.

it is understood that Tencent has launched a strategic investment in the vertical direction of each B2C, in the various categories of vertical e-commerce platform are selected to invest, build a large electricity supplier platform. Recently, Tencent investment B2C project will be announced. (Lin Fenglei)

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