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the second half of last year, the south fund business department deputy director Zheng Weibo and the team has been shuttling between the major Internet platform, business platform and payment platform, the attendant, is the collision of countless meetings, discussions and thoughts, idea flying in the sky.

and Zheng Weibo are doing the same thing, the majority of fund peers, insurance companies, brokers…… More than 100 institutions almost through the Internet business threshold, and as to the late, some leading Internet companies because the reception task is overweight, have without meeting time.

in the first half of 2013, between financial institutions and Internet contact or "little importance", but the birth of "like the balance of treasure" a booster, then these financial institutions basically gone through "attention – excited contradictions calm – cautious process.

hard turn

in early 2013, when China Ping An chairman Ma Mingzhe delivered a speech to the staff of the new year, the vast majority of financial institutions are not aware of, in 2013 will be the first year of Internet banking.

"at that time, our entire industry who are not aware of this, in fact, the fund industry in the management or supervision compared with the Internet industry is relatively conservative, with the perfection of laws and regulations, supervision system transparent, if you want to make snap to try, in fact, is very difficult." Zheng Weibo said.

in fact, as early as 2013, to investigate the problem of online shop taobao.com has already begun and the major fund companies, but it is more like a slow and long process, until the "balance of treasure" launched in June 13th.

and the balance of treasure launched continuously "fan the flames: half month" over 5 billion, more than 10 billion yuan in July, more than 50 billion in September, exceeding 100 billion in November…… In this process, the reaction of the entire industry is the general manager of a fund company described as "attention – excited contradictions – cautious calm".


" the balance of treasure "appeared, we also discussed several rounds, whether to follow up, we even have time to eat in this thing, so that later, company executives think the Internet can’t sleep sleep." Southern China, a large fund company insiders on the first Financial Daily described the situation at that time.

"in the beginning, when we contact the Internet platform, really not used to," in retrospect that stage experience, Zheng Weibo told reporters that the fund style is robust, rigorous, while the Internet is young, every rhythm, open, customer first, "we wear a suit and tie, and the other is the T-shirt jeans. They are not familiar with the logic of the financial sector, regulation and restrictions to the Internet thinking of the original needs of customers, we can do".

"it’s a collision between two cultures, but we went to the two or three house

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