America’s largest SNS community site has more than 250 million users, in recent years, in addition to being favored by more and more Internet users, more sought after by many industry retailers. The US retailer 1-800 Flowers floral gift shop with the help of specialized software, opened a "Facebook store", to integrate Facebook’s high popularity, purchase and send flowers to the user service. The goal is "this is a large platform, which means that the industry will be able to reach more consumers and earn a lot of money".

help 1-800 Flowers to build e-commerce software company predicted that the next two months at least 20 stores will be opened in Facebook, but Facebook said: do not intend to store these into online shopping centers, not for each transaction to store charge, currently has no intention to launch a virtual currency.

iResearch data show that: the United States has become the mainstream of the network community users to use the web site, Facebook is ranked fifth in the United States visited the site in December 2008, the proportion of visits reached 2.72%. Because retailers have established e-commerce platform in the Facebook, but it has a huge high viscosity user groups and the value orientation, different preferences are grouped into circles or community, network advertising effect is more precise.

No matter how Facebook

‘s original intention, but at least we can show that SNS combined with e-commerce SNS profit model has been created, and confirmed the prediction of many industry analysts earlier on SNS station to.

more than that of Facebook and SNS wave clock, electronic commerce website to forward is still not fully prepared and enough energy. From Facebook’s "not going to build online shopping center, free of charge, not to launch a virtual currency" of the "three no" can be seen as the SNS community website for it to enter the electronic commerce is no psychological preparation, and the "Facebook store", only "with the popularity of SNS traffic and retailers the electronic commerce, the initiative is still in the hands of electronic commerce.

secondly, although the SNS site has a high popularity, but I am afraid the e-commerce business model difficult to adapt, which has a great relationship with each other’s positioning. Regardless of the final development path of any network community is how, but the initial claim that the motivation is "to establish close contact with others, to understand the dynamic contacts, share life and happiness", SNS first is the electronic and virtual social relationship, so whether it is "steal food" social games, or making friends the city Master, product design itself is greatly meet the interpersonal exchange of information. The purpose of e-commerce is a business relationship that is virtual, people’s pursuit of material, moreover, with the development of electronic commerce technology, e-commerce operation mode is gradually from the simple ground to combine online and offline >

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