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side Chinese "double eleven" express yet to hand chop party hands over the American black five shopping and opened the curtain. Research firm Adobe Digital Index data show that consumers in the black five began in the first 5 hours, spending $822 million on the Internet, an increase of more than the same period last year, but still lower than the market expected to be 19% of the $15%.

According to the National Retail Federation (

National Retail Federation, NRF) estimates that this year there will be nearly 136 million "black Friday" for 4 days of holiday shoppers use to store or online purchase of goods, the number will be more than last year. Gallup (Gallup) survey shows that this year the festival gifts Americans plan to spend an average of $830, representing an increase of about 15%, but at the same time a joint investigation of Reuters and Ipsos show that the festival intends to cut overhead of consumer spending increased to more than. So this year, "black five" sales are whirling".

Thanksgiving tomorrow – "black Friday" is often called America’s "double eleven". However, with the young China "double eleven", "black five" shopping carnival is not limited to the day, but a time node, it marked the official start of the Christmas shopping period, U.S. retail businesses take advantage of the festive atmosphere and vigorously carry out online and offline promotion, and the annual American Thanksgiving shopping data. Is an indicator of the current retail sample with the electricity supplier industry boom and trend.


has just begun, but from the current data and trends, this year’s "black Friday" will show how the characteristics of it?

1, consumer shopping front stretch, November is no longer the only excitement

According to the American financial media

CNBC reported that in recent years, the black five situation, American consumers tend to shop front stretch, this may be because consumers are becoming more and more retailers in order to stimulate the very careful in reckoning, so consumers have to extend the front shot, promotion. Coupled with the provision of online shopping offers, consumer excitement is not limited to November. But from September to December are in a state of excitement.

2, electricity providers continue to rise, but the line is still the main sales

in addition to the beginning of the article "black five" the first five hours of online sales data, research firm comScore predicts that this year’s online shopping period between 11-12 month holiday will increase by $14% to $70 billion. Can be seen, although it increased in the "black five" through the electricity consumption compared with last year, but the number is not eleven and double figures for comparison, which reflects the "black five" and two eleven another difference: "black five", the store or Carnival hero.


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