With the rapid development of the Internet,

e-commerce has brought unexpected business opportunities for more and more enterprises. I want to do a good job in e-commerce, online shop, and the door is easy to carry, so fierce competition, law of the jungle in the market, product quality, logistics and security issues will affect their business processes, even against their own financial enthusiasm. But since it was made the choice to join rebels, to forge ahead, not give up, but how to operate their own shop, after thinking from the practice, the store also really rewarding orchid, combining the traditional marketing model and new e-commerce model, learn from each other, the experience of Fengxian to Laner again the majority owner. Everyone can manage their own shop wishes, "gold in the" Taobao "".

1, positioning is not allowed, no loss:

online shop, convenient for others, to enrich themselves, more is to achieve their ideal path, but not what goods are available on the web "convenient", such as FMCG (fruit), bulky goods (furniture), luxury goods (jewelry) etc.. These goods are the general point of sale of large shopping malls or supermarkets, in contrast, the shop offers three guarantees in the package, the site has a lot of limitations on the feelings of goods.

so in order to get more sales, you have to do is to find the target, the sword feedthrough. Specific reference: from large to small target.

(1), determine the scope of sales: in the category of product sales to find the target group.

(2), to determine the characteristics of the product: to find the direction of their products. Need to clear the characteristics of the product include: A. what kind of product; B. product is what function; C. these features are there, suitable for what kind of people; D. products can bring to the target group.

(3), the delineation of target groups: narrow the scope of location, to further clarify the goals. Include: A. suitable for what kind of person, B. suitable for what age, C. suitable for some special needs of these people.

(4), to determine the sales strategy: sales strategy is based on their own marketing ideas for product sales methods, a good method is the wings of success, often can play a multiplier effect. Here are two ideas were determined to whom your reference: A.; B. to determine how to sell.

2, occupy the price advantage, improve sales:

e-commerce is a double-edged sword, we want to understand its advantages, give full play to. The electronic commerce information quickly, a wide range of consumer groups are complex and diverse, the same goods consumers can easily and quickly obtain accurate information on the price, so the product sales advantage is the advantage of price, quality or brand worth mentioning, is fundamentally different from the aspects of sales, the same product, the same quality, the same price or you can make a purchase, consumers in the local, why.

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