from the beginning of the end of June, Suning Appliance is working on additional financing of 5 billion 500 million yuan through a new round of orientation, to provide adequate financial support for the expansion and development of the next phase of the group. According to reports, in order to speed up the pace of development in the field of e-commerce, Suning will be more after the completion of the acquisition of vertical electricity supplier to expand.

due to a large number of vertical electricity supplier is in a lack of funds, it is difficult to attract a new round of financing environment, there will soon be a number of vertical electricity supplier to accept Suning handed out the olive branch".

Suning group vice chairman Sun Weimin said, Suning has begun to contact some vertical electricity supplier brand "business capital market gradually cooling, provides a good opportunity for our investment, mergers and acquisitions".

In addition to

, will continue to increase efforts to open in early July, officially launched a nationwide brand investment, and emphatically introduced the non electrical category, in order to achieve the "electrical appliance", a number of categories involved in department stores, books, and other accessories. set up in the complete system, Suning will be online on the implementation of multi brand strategy, including a comprehensive business such as, including vertical electricity supplier. This also confirms the Suning will accelerate investment, mergers and acquisitions, opening up the action.

even insiders predict that will soon become a strong rival mall under the Jingdong. Suning since 2012 to force online channels, and proposed the realization of the first year sales of 30 billion, becoming the largest home appliance, 3C class B2C website. Suning and Jingdong mall, Dangdang, Tmall grab market share.

analysis shows that the future will help Suning Tesco platform, to occupy the market position by strong investment scale; on the other hand also through multi brand, vertical operation to gain market share, occupy the leading position in online retail channel.

Suning official also revealed that the new fund will be used for the development of chain stores, logistics platform, information platform upgrades and other inputs. Suning said in the announcement, the additional funds raised can effectively enhance the offline physical stores, online customer service level, increase market share.

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