double Eleven: apparel company’s inventory carnival?

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store and business platform is the clothing enterprise’s fish and bear paw? – Lin Jianrong

["great feature is the pursuit of cost-effective business, company to inventory, electricity providers to seize the market price, not only do the maintenance of brand image, the brand is a great day after injury." ]

According to data released by Tmall

, "double eleven" on the same day selling billions of dollars in the two companies from the textile and garment industry. What is the reason why the price of goods is not high clothing enterprises in the online shopping activities in the total sales far ahead of other relatively high price of household appliances, mobile communications?

from the industry point of view, the development of e-commerce in textile and garment enterprises over a period of time, the electronic commerce to apparel enterprises has brought what may make them lose what? From the enterprise data and from the industry perspective may help us clarify these issues.

apparel company inventory serious

for apparel listed companies, inventory problem has been a nightmare to wake up. Wind data show that the three quarter of Shenwan textile and garment industry, 31 listed companies excluding shoes and textile stock totaling 44 billion 47 million yuan, an increase of 6.01%. The huge amount of inventory is not the only problem faced by clothing companies, inventory turnover days also worrying.

earnings report, the main brand clothing, clothing and real estate development YOUNGOR (600177.SH) inventory in the three quarter reached $23 billion 953 million, inventory turnover days of 1642.34 days. The main business of red beans shares clothing, yarn and cotton and wool dyeing, real estate (600400.SH) also face the double index and inventory turnover in days, the two figures were 3 billion 978 million yuan and 1298.08 days.

said that if the real estate business due to let YOUNGOR and red beans shares of stock amount and turnover cycle are significantly prolonged, and can not represent the inventory turnover situation, clothing enterprises that focus on clothing production and sales of Smith Barney (002269.SZ) of the above two indexes according to the number of people may be enough to produce inventory status to the clothing enterprise worry.

three quarterly show, Smith Barney period goods amounted to 2 billion 198 million yuan, compared to last year’s 2 billion 982 million yuan year-on-year declined slightly, but compared to 1 billion 753 million yuan in the first half report increase greatly. At the same time, Smith Barney’s inventory turnover days for 161.55 days, inventory turnover rate of 1.67.

in fact, including Semir clothing (002563.SZ), shanshangufen (600884.SH), Septwolves (002029.SZ) and Motom (601566.SH), a number of well-known clothing brand inventory in more than 500 million yuan, the stock.

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