is a home appliance company B2C a year there are hundreds of billions or even tens of billions of sales? Slow, these data may be mixed with water.

some electricity supplier reported sales data is very exaggerated, the entire electricity supplier industry is caught in a vicious cycle of competition data." Kuba CEO Wang Zhiquan told the "daily economic news" interview with reporters said.

industry insiders said that with the rapid development of the electricity supplier industry, the industry is in a state of impetuous, the phenomenon of increasing sales data intensified. "Exaggerated 10 times have." Analysys International analyst Chen Shousong said.

, however, many people in the industry to accept the "daily economic news" interview also expressed different opinions, think that the electricity supplier sales data on satellite to common, and not only is the electricity supplier industry, the Internet and traditional retail industry are present in this case. The "daily economic news" reporter learned that some of the electricity supplier internal power sales data is exaggerated to attract venture capital concern, which is a product of the current electricity supplier "burning" mode.

electricity supplier sales data sharp growth of

electricity supplier industry sales data is an indisputable fact that the rapid growth.

according to Analysys think tank EnfoDesk released the "2011 third quarter quarter Chinese online retail market" monitoring data show that the 3C products from 9 billion 430 million yuan in the second quarter of 2009 increased to 36 billion 840 million yuan in the third quarter of this year, two and a half years, single quarter sales expanded by nearly 3 times.

specific to the enterprise, this sales growth is more intuitive. Jingdong mall 2010 revenue of 10 billion 200 million yuan, while in 2011 the expected revenue of $28 billion to $30 billion, the growth rate of almost up to 300%. Kuba Gome’s sales target this year is 2 billion yuan, last year was 500 million.’s goal this year is 8 billion yuan, the sales volume of 2 billion yuan last year.

in the electricity supplier industry, the annual growth rate of less than 200% of the words are embarrassed to sit together." In November 9th, Wang Zhiquan said in an interview on micro-blog.

, however, in his view, behind the rapid growth of the industry’s data bubble is also full of them. Electricity supplier circle can not be more impetuous, more and more keen on playing digital satellite. Quarter sales of 2~3 billion into 5~8 billion, about 2 billion of annual sales of about $5 billion." Insiders commented.

actual sales can be estimated

Wang Zhiquan believes that electricity providers are relatively transparent industry, as long as the number of sites based on the amount of visits, order conversion, the average customer price and other indicators can be measured in the actual sales of electricity providers.

site access can be obtained through the third party website, the conversion rate of orders based on the sale of goods and slightly different, but the range is generally 3/1000 to 100%

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