news October 13th, Tencent super electricity supplier QQ online shopping platform just on the line soon, 360 has recently quietly launched a "360 shopping website".


click on the picture to enter the 360 shopping

the site looks very much like a shopping site, covering a number of electricity supplier website and all kinds of online shopping items. Despite the appearance of similar shopping sites, but it is inside a shopping site navigation. Click on the above site logo, you can enter the shopping website home page. In addition, the 360 shopping also provides a simple search function. As input "sweater" in the search bar, there will be related goods. As long as the click of these goods, but also directly into the sale of the goods shopping website.


360 shopping search function

in addition, the "360 shopping" has a rebate, whose slogan is "online shopping discount". The page looks like a shopping website.


Click to enter "360 rebate"

at present, the "360" shopping in the shopping mall, the main Jingdong website Dangdang, where customers, Mcglaughlin, shop No. 1, wheat bags, kinds of goods are covered by clothing, digital home appliances, luxury goods, daily general merchandise. From the point of view of the merchants to join, almost all of the 360 vertical industry with the most well-known businesses.

this is the second in March this year, after the introduction of buy navigation platform, 360 once again into the electricity supplier market. Unlike Tencent’s QQ online shopping, industry analysts said the current 360 should not really do electricity supplier, but through their existing users and traffic, advertising for other electricity providers website, make some hot money. After all, users and traffic is what other electricity supplier website needs.

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