from the double eleven shopping spree under the online shopping peak until December has maintained a strong momentum of warm unabated, close to the end of December, the winter holiday season of consumption, consumption, consumption, the gift of knowledge. December has been the consumer consumption season, after the electricity supplier through the "double 11" shopping season will be a hit, with a shopping spree ushered in the "double 12", "double 12" was selected as the business following the "double 11" after another holiday promotion in and "double 11" smoke diffuse in the field of children’s clothing than it seemed a bit desolate.

At present, Taobao,

,, Jingdong store and so on for the upcoming "double 12" doing wildly beating gongs and drums ready to prepare, but still difficult to drive the weak children’s clothes shop. Many consumers for a variety of "double 12" children’s clothing store promotions seem to not buy it.

reporter learned that this section of the way in the "double 11" when it has been overdrawn consumer spending power, consumers do not have more spending power to be able to continue to grow in the "double 12". Ms. Zhang, who lives in Hebei, said: "really couldn’t move, when the double 11 online shopping cost nearly more than 10 thousand, now a little nervous while double 12 is also concerned about the electricity supplier promotions but also when there is no double 11 so warm.

After the fact

experienced "double 11" consumer shopping boom has also experienced a long period of calm, the things you need to buy in the "double 11" has almost bought all the "double 12" is not so strong desire to buy.

, another reason is that with the "double 11" shopping spree is crazy return wave, many consumers have the goods on their own after impulse regret, this roller coaster of network promotion for consumers is too much.

online shopping consumer’s efforts than previously, and decreased shopping desires after the double 11 online shopping clothes obviously feel very hurt, express speed too slow, "double 12" to "double 11" has not received the goods, consumers are not buying desire. There are so that consumers feel the most is the reliability of children’s clothing online shopping is too low. Many consumers have received the "double 11" some businesses shoddy goods. Most of the children’s clothes were disappointing.

Shanghai City Consumer Protection Committee on the net purchase of children’s clothing carried out a series of investigation and summary. From the "3 shop double 11" and 7 well-known shopping malls bought a total of 39 pieces of clothing one by one test for these children, from 12 online purchase of children’s clothing from the 10 do not meet the safety standards, the unqualified rate reached 83.3% in the mall to buy clothes only detection two do not meet the criteria, a failure rate of 7.4%. Such large differences make all feel very ashamed of children and related professionals, online shopping shows deep concern.

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