last month, small Tencent received a pat Network Mr. Huang’s rights complaint with the seller, he bought a fake Tissot genuine seller pat Network Authentication in the shop, the seller admitted selling fake and refund, pat Network rights department staff had been delayed for three months, finally will actually make money to play to the sellers award. See "news report after high selling fake storm Tencent once again fall into the ‘selling’".

after receiving complaints, small Tencent to pat Network rights community survey, found that such unfair treatment and selling rights case what is the reason emerge in an endless stream, the network and selling behavior repeated, and activist staff will make so much in favor of seller’s verdict? Small on the status of the industry more than the electricity supplier website and deal with the rights of way to do an in-depth investigation.

C2C tends to decline

Taobao, a single Tencent pat or will be merged online shopping


currently available for open shop selling products are mainly Taobao and pat two platforms, because the subject can set up shop for individuals, while the platform party is difficult to restrict the behavior of individual businesses, so the selling situation emerge in an endless stream.

Taobao was born in 2003, is the industry’s largest C2C platform, in the domestic market share of more than 80% C2C. In order to ensure the safety of network transaction, Taobao in the domestic first third party payment tool Alipay, and launched a credit evaluation system, to standardize the network transactions. The launch of Alipay and credit evaluation system, strengthen the confidence of buyers to a certain extent, with the popularity of the Internet, online shopping behavior is also increasingly popular.

but one foot in mind, because the Internet only through pictures and text to understand the product, can not see the real thing, coupled with consumers on product quality and authenticity of the limited ability to identify, network selling behavior or emerge in an endless stream. The derived professional brush brush drill, Credit Companies, Taobao and pat Network has repeatedly been media exposure and selling events.

is selling to further standardize the behavior of sellers, Taobao once again launched a seven day return policy, credit deposit system, charge a margin of genuine original certification business, when selling the corresponding punishment to the seller, with the system implementation, in genuine store shopping certification by the interests of buyers strong guarantee.

pat Network is based on the huge QQ user base and established in the model is copied Taobao, but because of the late start 3 years, currently only occupy less than of the domestic C2C market. That day the news in 2011 November sales of billions of dollars, "snapped" promotional activities in, "double 12" activities started 5 minutes more than 4 billion day sales of billions of dollars in sales.

The number of users of

Tencent is much larger than Taobao

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