trend 1: traffic will be more expensive, the cost of network marketing to traditional advertising costs closer to the trend.

The trend of

advertising costs in 2011 is already evident, the annual advertising costs to be cut 50% Jingdong mall, March, good music to buy the market department a responsible person said in an interview. Data show that in 2010 the portal advertising and website navigation station prices have increased sharply, which, the portal price increases between 40% and 50%.

2012 this trend will only intensify and will not ease. Flow as the most fundamental commodity on the Internet, in line with supply and demand determine the basic economic laws of commodity prices. Whether it is electricity supplier or non electricity supplier, whether it is Taobao or Taobao, only the operation of the site has a basic average daily IP or average daily UV traffic, only to have the basic business value. The number of Internet growth is the overall flow of supply growth, and business groups is growing traffic demand growth, obviously, increase in the absolute number of users has slowed, and the absolute number of the electricity supplier but in the background of continuous growth, the supply situation will only aggravate the traffic flow, costs can not be decreased. This determines the rising trend of online advertising costs will not change.

two trends: to market size, not money, burn money from advertising to the basic construction of

although the advertising and marketing costs are rising, but the next year, the electricity supplier of capital for the size of the market opportunities are still holding large cash, some business will still willing to continue to burn to seize market share, but the money will be based on infrastructure, to burn do not focus on advertising, but on the building the construction of logistics and supply chain system, everyone seems to have realized that these cannot be solved by electronic means, in business and the essential link is the key competitive, especially for some large electricity providers to say, large-scale investment in infrastructure construction will be the main form of money, advertising investment growth there will be convergence, and may even keep this level or slightly, it will ease the 1 trend to a certain extent.

is similar to the Jingdong, where customers, Dangdang, the only product focus on self built logistics warehousing business, their advertising investment is likely to remain unchanged from previous years or slightly reduced basis to ensure that the market share increased, the capital will give priority to meet the logistics construction investment, because not only is the electricity supplier who can feel almost, including small electricity providers and consumers to feel the efficiency of logistics to bring electricity supplier to the ceiling, sell but do not send out things happen often, reduce consumer experience and hinder market expansion of more than the customer service for handling customer complaints and increase the cost of.

is committed to working in the small electricity supplier Taobao will also put the main energy into infrastructure, including the construction of these systems, including IT system, shops and details page refined decoration, team building, etc.. In the past, we have seen some of the details of the product pages do not fine shops, with excellent operation >

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