through the media, a lot of people for Taobao brush drill "brush credit" and "brush volume" contact us for this industry also have a general understanding, is through false information manufacturing, including information collection, review information, transaction information and so on, Taobao keywords and product shop ranking promotion. For the "brush", we can collectively referred to as "brush votes". The same definition of brush votes apply to Baidu SEO industry. What is the SEO? By creating a lot of false information, the website keyword search ranking to improve, including false content creation, false trading volume (for example in B2B mall), false evaluation (and the top post) and so on. Therefore, it is necessary for us to put these two industries together.

Taobao brush votes and the same point Baidu SEO industry

industry is huge

since the emergence of search engines, there has been the SEO industry, the size of this industry is no less than the size of Baidu’s annual sales revenue of tens of billions of dollars, much larger than the size of Baidu. Although we do not have detailed data in this regard, such as the number of Companies in the country to search engine optimization, or the annual output value is how much. But logically, it can be predicted that it is far beyond the size of Baidu. Even those most popular keywords, bidding to buy nothing more than a dozen, but is closely related with the keywords hundreds of companies, not the auction business, half should be marketing by SEO. Base is far greater than the potential purchase of Baidu customer service bidding. Look at the scale of Taobao brush ticket industry. Taobao brush ticket is also accompanied by the emergence of the emergence of Taobao, Taobao market stage, this behavior has become a climate. Taobao in order to carry out the guidance, the introduction of a direct train and other similar tools, this type of advertising services, Taobao revenue per year to achieve more than?. Through vehicles and other tools similar to Baidu’s bidding, after all, only occupy a small part of the demand for shops. So, from this point of view, the size of the industry is very impressive Taobao brush votes.

industry chain complete

Baidu SEO industry to achieve the realization of the normalization, many small and medium Internet Co to survive. Investigation of any one engaged in SEO optimization of the company, its internal division of labor and professional level are very high, and the operation is also very high school. From content creation to content distribution, from the chain to optimize the effect of the building evaluation, SEO industry chain is very complete, and optimize the company in the core position in the industry. In the early Taobao brush votes, the industrial chain has not been formed, is the connection between many stores and individuals, but a lot of teams and the electricity supplier operating company specialized in brush ticket business. The preparation of part-time network brush, organizational staff, remuneration distribution, etc., has formed a systematic. These two industries, the industrial chain has been basically clear and complete.

service object similar to

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