October 10th, Taobao mall issued new regulations, the annual service fees rose to 30 thousand and 6 tons of files from 6000 yuan. For a time, many small sellers raise a Babel of criticism of, causing discontent and siege. Yesterday afternoon, Ma made adjustments to the new regulations. After all, small sellers have the anti Taobao union YY voice channel "sent a congratulatory message, to celebrate the struggle stage victory.

Liu Pei is a seller of Taobao mall in Guangzhou, he said that the attitude of the former Ma has been uncompromising attitude to a certain extent, mainly related to the pressure imposed by the Ministry of commerce. In any case, the introduction of new regulations are not enough to talk about morality, so that small sellers suddenly can not accept. Although deferred charges for their small sellers is a good news, but in terms of scoring, service, sales and other aspects of the collateral requirements, it is not known. However, he said it may be just a temporary compromise Ma Yun, the surface to meet the small seller, the next step will not know how.

some people think that the new regulations to make the appropriate adjustment is only a strategy of Ma Yun, it is like borrowing, borrowing 100 to say that the last 1000 can be borrowed to the user, Nwhisper said in the micro-blog. Some people believe that in fact does not change any new regulations to adjust the nature of small businesses supporting at most a year, a year after the withdrawal or withdrawal. "On the other side of the business to listen to others."

and in the anti Taobao union group, there are small sellers that did not want to give up the fight. "Administrator" said that its goal is to anti-monopoly. Today, Taobao can through the black box operation of our shop flow away. Taobao is now the rule maker, but also the executor. This problem is not resolved, small sellers may not have tomorrow. We need to be led by the government departments, the establishment of regulatory agencies, and now there are 1 million 500 thousand stores, Ma Yun’s argument is that the 8 million, they need a fair and transparent environment as we do. (Liu Lanlan)


@ Yue Kawa Kawakawa: (new regulation) there is no essential change. Ma Yun always pull some of the electricity supplier in the future integrity of what the standard by soaring bond can really mall mall? Why there is no detailed scoring system? Why not provide search comments according to the scoring function? Why bad review can disappear?

@ Angel Lulu fashion attire: I am Taobao seller, although not to join the mall, this thing I think Taobao will also charge the price range is no ground for blame, but is too high, if only rose about 20%, it is estimated that there will not be such an event.

@ Taobao ten new event: the hypocritical mask and have half of 80 thousand, the market has 50 thousand -6 million merchants deposit, also 4 billion, Ali group can only come up with 1 billion yuan to enter the consumer protection fund by China bank capital management.

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