and 2009 domestic personal website, blossom everywhere to win scene compared with tighter supervision situation, now the personal threshold is more and more high, the establishment of the cost is also different in the past, S-E-Q-I-N-G, F-A-N-D-O-N-G, C-H-A-B-B-I-A-N and other garbage station is very difficult to survive, to build a B2B station business seems to be a good way to personal the webmaster.


to follow the trend of establishing B2B business station ASEAN network in early December 2009, the development of good, the daily IP has reached about 1 thousand, on Saturday, on the flow of slightly low, but also about 700IP, I want to stand in the business flow of low status, four months to reach this level is not a waste of hard work and effort I put on at this station. In fact, I do business station also has 4 years of history, the period had tried, along the way, B2B station system used N, has also been abandoned because of many factors, but I decided to go won’t give up.

some people may say, the individual is not suitable for business, not because of personal power and company ratio, in this regard, I will talk about personal views of individual operators B2B business station development, hoping to have some interest in doing business station to help a friend.

first, admittedly, individuals in some ways not compared with firms, of course, I do not ask you and others than human resources, as far as I know, now a lot of business station is not quite understand the network industry company in the operation, the mode is generally the boss hired several knowledgeable people established a network department began operations, the hiring people really are generally started too familiar with website operators is not, after several years of operation of the site of these people are generally not rare after Shumenshulu boss for the thousand dollars, big will do so can’t run away, understand the network companies in the industry are generally unable to retain talent. Most of these companies are operating in a traditional way, and most of the members on the site are existing customer resources, and it is difficult to attract new members through the network. I have been several local companies offer, but did not succeed, ha ha.

secondly, how to operate a good local business website? This is an old topic, the individual can only rely on their own efforts + hard + insist, and then will know SEO. Why must first work, diligence and perseverance, personally think that no matter what things, effort, diligence and perseverance are the preconditions for success, even if the site is the same, only hard, hard you can really do a website, you can improve the user experience, the user can make you leave, and this process this is not a short process, but need a few years of continuous process, so you have to know how to insist on, and can really stick to it. I just do not put SEO in front, not to say that SEO is not important, in fact, SEO technology is also very important, but

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