throughout the April, as the music into the mad season. In the "406 super membership" and "413 ecological shared night" and "414 hardware Free Day" has successfully attracted a large number of consumers, maxed out industry circle of friends after April 20th, LETV will also in music as sports center (Wukesong) held a "ecological noBroken community ecological new conference, Jia Yueting will attend. Sources said, as the music will be released, including a new generation of super mobile phones, including 4 super smart car industry terminal products.

The ecological model

414 hardware free day sales of more than 2 billion 300 million of the music as a unique has been verified, which last year joined the music as the ecological car is easy to harvest 54 million of sales (recharge), and in the next 420 conference, as the music as an important part of the eco car, the car is easy to be fused with the music what are the dimensions of the release of the new depth, which provide more innovative services for car users are also very exciting.

Easy to

+ super car = car


413 ecological sharing night, music, as announced its super car brand name for the new LeSEE, followed by the opening of the madness of the super car unveiled.

micro-blog latest burst out of the 420 conference site renderings can also be seen, as the music will be built at the scene of the 420 conference, like a road like T stage, you can see the super car enough.

music as 4.20 new conference site renderings

as early as in December 2014, Jia Yueting announced the music as SEE program, that is to build a super car and the vertical integration of the Internet Intelligent Transportation ecosystem and lifestyle.

since October last year, easy to join music as ecological, music and easy together launched the "concept of ecological car". The two will work together to build "ecological based on the eco car", to provide mobile travel life scenes for new users, the future will completely subvert the car sharing and social operation experience. Easy to Hang Zhou, founder and CEO recently sent to all employees within the letter also said: "eco car will be launched in the two quarter."

it is speculated that this super car is released, it would be easy to integration with the music as a super "eco car car depth" strategy officially released, the future users or through easy to build intelligent transportation platform experience super car.

at the same time, easy to car can also rely on Ecological music as ecology, car entertainment systems to build eco car, entertainment users in the car ride. For example, when the passenger in the car ride through the ecological, entertainment systems simultaneously enjoy music video content, compared to the mobile phone, or is close to playing down the screen in a taxi advertising eyeful, a music video accompanied the journey is clearly more good to hear or see.

at that time, easy to use in the car is expected to be high quality drivers, >

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