Moutai electricity supplier who compete with distributors to compete for profit

reporter Wang Xianzhi Beijing reported

Moutai group following the high-profile self built stores, and began to restart the pace of e-commerce.

July 23, 2012, Moutai online shopping mall in the internal announcement said in a statement, the establishment of Kweichow Moutai Wine Sales Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of Renhuai liquor Moutai Agel Ecommerce Ltd, responsible for Moutai wine and a series of products online sales business, Moutai online Shopping Mall will be fully open. There is considerable profits in the industry All the world knows. high-end liquor circulation, with the operating costs of enterprises increased, how to regain the circulation of profit from dealers, become the new liquor enterprise launched the war.



newspaper reporter saw in the Moutai mall, the platform is Guizhou Moutai wine Limited by Share Ltd, Guizhou Moutai Wine Sales Co., Ltd. the only official website.

It is reported that

, Kweichow Moutai Wine Sales Co. Ltd. from Chinese Kweichow Moutai Winery Co. Ltd. and Kweichow Moutai wine Limited by Share Ltd in May 2000 established a joint venture, is mainly responsible for the Kweichow Moutai wine, Moutai wine prince, welcome wine Moutai Maotai series products in China market.

currently, Moutai online shopping mall website architecture has been basically completed, in July 26th, Moutai online shopping mall with a staff member told reporters, Moutai online store some detailed links have not put down, there is a display platform, is expected in August officially opened, the Business Hours has not been determined.

distribution is mainly through the postal system, if you leave outlets near, can also go there to pick up." Moutai mall above staff told this reporter.

July 26th, the reporter in the name of the consumer to call the number of Moutai outlets in Beijing asked, they said, about the online mall things should not far away, but has not yet received formal notification of the group.

Moutai to enter the electronic commerce act, liquor marketing expert Shu Guohua interview with this reporter, analysts believe that this is a good thing, Moutai ex factory price is 619 yuan, about 3 times the market price is ex factory price; Wuliangye is the ex factory price of 699 yuan, but the price is not expensive and they sell and this is not normal, Moutai online shopping mall once the liquor, its price must be more than the dealer selling cheaper, it will encourage dealers also had to cut prices.

is refers to the same dealer took

Moutai to enter the electronic commerce, the industry called the fight directly and dealers to retake the circulation of profit from dealers.

to 53° Feitian Moutai liquor, for example, Guizhou Moutai ex factory price is

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