in recent years, the development of cross-border e-commerce strong, has become a new way of international trade and new means, and has become a new growth point of expanding foreign trade import and export. Currently, local governments to accelerate the development of cross-border electricity supplier to create a good environment. In Jiangmen, although the development of e-commerce has entered the fast lane, but throughout the whole industry chain, the development of the logistics industry still exists lag, lack, cross-border e-commerce talent Industrial Park Development and the surrounding cities compared has seriously lagged behind the problem.

according to the factors restricting the development of cross-border electricity supplier in recent years, Jiangmen is also trying to break, want to find a "meet the development situation": the integration of resources, open the door of targeted training, Zhu Xi; create "only for base"; optimize the business environment, build all in one service.

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provide international logistics service?

throughout the country, the rapid expansion of cross-border electricity supplier market size, despite the rapid development momentum, but cross-border logistics is only in its infancy, has become the biggest obstacle to the development of cross-border electricity supplier.

current distribution time is difficult to sell long service

latest data show that in recent years, the rapid development of Jiangmen express logistics industry trend. At present, Jiangmen has 78 express logistics companies, which engaged in cross-border electricity supplier business logistics courier companies have 13. Among them, Jiangmen postal express logistics company of cross-border electricity supplier logistics business is developing rapidly, the company customers for cross-border electricity supplier of small commodities tailored to the international E, E international express, international Po E-Parcel, E Subao and other cross-border electricity supplier logistics products, whether it is the number of customers or the trading volume are greatly increased. Since 2012 the company introduced in the second half of the international E treasure business, from 640 thousand in 2012 rose to 3 million 680 thousand in 2013, only 2014 of the first quarter, the international E Po business volume has reached 1 million 220 thousand.

it is reported that Jiangmen’s cross-border business mainly in small and medium-sized enterprises of small orders, buyers of fast delivery requirement is high, and the majority of sellers based on cost and convenience considerations, most of the international parcel, international express mail. International packet is characterized by cheap tariff, but the delivery time is long. Some people have taken the postal parcel delivery time, for example, cited a set of figures to illustrate: Asian neighbors 5 to 10 days; Europe and the United States major countries from 7 to 15 days; other regions and countries from 7 to 30 days. International express international parcel delivery than a short time, but the cost is high, with a price of $7 for the Dunhuang online sales of toys (small size) as an example, to Taiwan, the transportation time and transportation costs (when the orders of 10 parts as follows: (6) EMS to 14 days free fee); FedEx ($245 in 3 to 8 days); TNT ($274 in 2 to 10 days); DHL ($324 in 2 to 8 days); UPS ($355 in 1 to 7 days)." Postal parcel although cheaper, but time consuming for buyers and sellers complain incessantly. At the same time, super >

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