if someone said in a 5V5 LOL battle amateur junior team can win a professional game, believe that almost everyone will think this is Arabian Nights, but this wonderful thing actually happened. In February 15th, a LOL battle open up a fresh outlook held in headquarters building A Jingdong, 5 teenagers with Jingdong to provide first-class equipment successfully challenged the God SKY professional team led by LOL. This activity through the visual display of computer equipment for the importance of public life, opened the first Jingdong 3C Computer Festival curtain.

12:30, the match has a young team On your marks, Jingdong to provide MSI laptop, Logitech mouse and other first-class equipment and professional team; here is to many simple, flat display, old desktop as if people travel back to 10 years ago the internet.


is the so-called "equipment often abuse opponents as a dog, the performance gap between equipment to make up for the gap between amateur and professional youth corps. Shortly after the start of the game, SKY was killed by a single opponent, triggering a stunning scene.


as the game gradually intensified, the young team with excellent equipment and a professional team, because of the old equipment is dragged down there too, because of this game scene is more P. Eventually, after several rounds of intense competition, the team has won this tournament, fully demonstrates the importance of first-class equipment for e-sports.


in the PK team, the event also set up a showgirl one, worship the ticket "bounce upset" interactive games, H5 lottery etc..


fierce games, showgirl sexy beauty, fun interactive games, and a variety of samples to fully stimulate the enthusiasm of the employees of the Jingdong. They use this time to participate in the activities, or for the two teams to cheer, or actively participate in interactive games, enjoy the 3C Department of Jingdong of the New Year bring gifts, get rid of all the trouble after the syndrome caused by.


with the development of computer products have become an integral part of public life, play an important role in the work and entertainment, computer equipment or even directly affects people’s work efficiency and the quality of life. The first Jingdong 3C computer festival will be officially opened on March 1st, when the Jingdong will be from the price, quality, logistics and other aspects of the majority of consumers to buy first-class services, you want to

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