and eleven of the double strip ridicule taste, joy Jin full of gimmicks than has been twelve, did not fire up. In addition to the rally weak, the main reason is: a strong double day eleven, black Friday – before, after the Ocean Festival Christmas and the new year is a new year, before and after the attack, have enemies in front and rear.


Two days before

, is this year – before and after, the major electricity supplier platform in the mobile phone client play mutual black, also become a topic of concern than the promotion itself, become the talk of people at leisure.

lively black and cold sales contrast

Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang, one store, Gome, Suning, Yi Xun and other mainstream business platform are all involved, playing word games, to raise their opponent, derogatory. For a time, it seems not to follow suit, as if it is not the same as the tune. Even serious no home page icon of the Amazon, can not help but in the home search box Tucao: do you think I do not have an icon on the home page can not play it?

and the high profile of the formation of a strong black contrast, the major electricity supplier platform sales have to be much more lonely. And the two fought to update eleven announced the latest sales, Taobao released over the years – is the general information or Alipay transaction number of sellers, seems to be the sales data can’t bear to take. Sales in 2013 double eleven is 35 billion, then the official Taobao sales in 2013 – an optimistic estimate of more than 10 billion, but the final result is only 4 billion 380 million yuan, much lower than expected. Only a twelve sales information which is currently in the online search to the. Taobao like this, other platforms are also not released relevant data, but also is a twelve mix, to follow out brush sense of presence.

this year – to continue this trend, many netizens said, if not in the WeChat circle to see the dog and cat mutual black satin, can’t remember this two day to twelve. The news can also see a lot of experience in twelve activities this year Taobao sellers choose to give up in the news. From the perspective of the number of open enrolment business, number of applicants this year to flat with last year, was 211 million, the rapid growth of this dual enrollment of eleven brand businesses, in stark contrast to show decline.

– why fall into a false picture of the recession of


as a person made online shopping festival, twelve suddenly from a bustling opening into a false picture, and headed toward recession, seemingly accidental, is inevitable reasons.

Effects of

1 and double eleven sequelae

Because the main

Taobao resources to more profitable for their double eleven, double eleven promote sales myth continues to hit new highs, after the formation of a long time to double the eleven logistics, customer service, return the funds a lot of pressure, but also seriously overdrawn future consumers’ purchase.

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